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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


If you get a call on your home phone and caller will offer you a deal, will you be interested entertaining the call? You probably will listen for a while as a courtesy to the caller. There are a number of telemarketers bugging subscribers selling all sorts of items or offering services. Be careful, some of them are bogus, in other words scam. I intentionally did not have my home phone listed on the directory for this reason. Those who knew my number are my provider, my bank and few relatives. Likewise some pizza stores or food chains who might have saved my number when my niece order s online. These pizza stores needed a phone to call, to verify the existence of the buyer.

I got two calls from my service provider offering me a package that would convert my television to internet television.  I am aware of the plan as they had advertised the product and services. I forgo the offer.  I have and old model television. I do not have an HDMI port on my television. An officemate told me I could buy an extension cord I could use for the television. The cord has both component and HDMI plug in.  I had been busy or possibly a bit lazy to go around for the extension cord.  I put the idea on hold for a while. The package is actually cheaper than subscribing to a cable company. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Day with Glenda

Nice name, yet Filipinos dreaded this name last 15th of July, Tuesday. This was the local name given to typhoon Rammasun.  

My sister lives in the Bicol area. We had been exchanging text messages about the situation in Bicol. Manila was also part of  signal number two then later number three.  I was telling her Monday evening the weather inside our unit was still warm. It was my day off.  I kept vigil at the news on television. I am at the inner unit and I cannot hear rains or wind from the outside. At around two in the morning I heard some neighbors talking to our lobby guard. While some were busy on their cell phones.  I went down to the lobby.  My unit is at the second floor. There it was the rain and wind.  

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