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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Call to Remember

 We enjoyed pizza, break time from the training.. 

Our classroom training for ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) is done. ADSL training in layman’s lingo is simply internet training. My team mates and I underwent two weeks classroom training for us to be able to handle calls from customers having trouble with their internet. Before the training we support residential home phones and satellite televisions. We make sure to trouble shoot with customers before dispatching a tech. This is to avoid possible charges in case the trouble is on the equipment of the customer or an overlooked inside wiring issue. We work for a Canadian company, technicians charge hefty sum of one hundred dollars.

I kind of got dizzy trying to decipher all those initials and tech terminologies yet my confidence I would say is above and beyond. Some of these tech terminologies are DSLAM, HDM, DNS, IMAP, SMTP, MAC address, IP address, attenuation and many more. Not to mention the different brands of computers, operating systems, gateways and modems. I do not have a formal education in computer. Thanks to my youngest brother and his wife for pushing me to learn this machine. I was able to get the hang of the machine by learning on my own.  Now, I am a tech support for internet. Great!   

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