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Friday, May 02, 2008

Essential Tips for the Greens

Talking about greens, here are some tips on how you can have the vitamins and minerals in your green leafy vegetables intact, to get the best of its nutritional values.

After buying your leafy vegetables from the markets or groceries, wash the leaves and stems thoroughly, and let the water drip out before refrigerating them. There are vegetables wash you can buy from your grocery stores or you can simply dip your leafy vegetables in salted water. A gallon of water with 1 to 2 teaspoons of salt is an economical solution. Refrain from cutting leafy vegetables before washing. In this manner, you can avoid washing away some essential vitamins and minerals as you clean the vegetables.

Keep leafy vegetables in airtight plastic bags or in bowls with tight lid to keep its freshness and have a space in your refrigerator to store them. Leafy vegetables should be kept with moisture to maintain the freshness. When buying leafy vegetables make sure they are not wilted to keep the vitamins and minerals in them. Otherwise, you defeat the purpose why you should buy the vegetables in the first place. Leafy vegetables should be eaten or cook within three days from the time you bought them.

Cover your pans during cooking and avoid frequent stirring. Do not over cook, as this will result to removing some food nutrients. When the leaves wilt, it is already cooked. Add water, only if necessary. The water in the vegetables itself may be enough for cooking. Remember these vegetables are cooked easily. If you froze them, thaw thoroughly to remove excess water before cooking.

Are these tips healthful? You bet. Go for the greens for good health.

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