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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Wedding

I was privilege to be invited and attended a garden wedding of a friend last Sept 8, 2008. It was held at Coconut Palace at CCP Complex Roxas Boulevard Manila Philippines. Beautiful place! The wedding ceremony was a simple yet elegant attended by relatives and close friends. We got lucky the weather had cooperated sparing us from rain showers.

The couples had met online. The groom who had came all the way from England beamed with pride with both parents witnessed the very important occasion. The bride is a Filipina who years ago I had encouraged to log on line to met some friends. I then had met somebody from Ohio so I had encouraged her to do the same while she busied herself looking for a job. As it had been said, faith is unpredictable. The friend I met online quit writing and her best friend met her after couple of months of exchanging e-mails to the envious of some of her friends. I’m happy for both of them. I believed they are meant for each other.

At the wedding my 9 year old niece was a flower girl with and her 3 cousins from her mom’s side taking very important roles. My niece looked like the beautiful Belle in Beauty and Beast in golden yellow long gown. I had a good time taking her pictures. She had no time to pause coz she’d rather ran along with her cousins. The kids must have enjoyed combing the whole place and especially enjoyed the chocolate fondue at dinner time. It was a buffet style dinner. By the time the dinner was over my niece long gown was decorated with chocolate stains. She must have sat on a leftover of the chocolate fondue.

The celebration was filled with laugher, best wishes and tosses, wishing the bride and the groom a long lasting and harmonious relationship. The groom’s parents received a special award for being married for 46 years. They were given the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s garter. The elderly man was asked. “What made your marriage lasted for 46 years? He promptly replied. “Always follow what your wife says.” There was roar of laughter. The wedding ceremony started promptly at 4:30pm and ended after the sumptuous dinner at early evening.

My best wishes to the bride and groom!

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