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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It is the thought that counts …

Buying Christmas presents is not easy, especially with a limited budget. I normally make a list of all the people I have to send presents to but I ended up adding more as the occasion gets closer. To work on my budget I divide the list into categories such as more priority, priority, less priority and others. More priority, are my family members, priority are close friends. The other categories are friends, officemates neighbors and some kids who come to our house. With all the times and monies involved. I am glad Christmas happens only once a year.

Some of my friends would tell me the gifts they have for me is not that much. I tell them it is the thought that counts. Being busy with work and their families, it is not easy to work on a list and shop around to look for items to buy. Not to mention, for some mothers, there are children parties they have to attend to. To me, to be remembered, even just a simple SMS greeting is something I have to be thankful for. I always tell my nephew and nieces to say “thank you!” for whatever Christmas presents they get. They may not like some of the items they received, but then again I tell them, it is the thought that counts. To my loved ones and friends much more than -

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