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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Before Christmas

Wow! Another Christmas is approaching but I am not done yet with my Christmas presents. I wonder when I could start sitting down and start wrapping some of the Christmas presents inside my drawers. I guess it would take at least a day to sort them out. I am not even done with my shopping list yet.

Now I know Santa must be very rich. Not only he, has money to go shopping for the millions of children. He too could afford to hire someone to do the leg work for him. How I wish I have my own reindeers too. In that way I could probably avoid the traffic jam as everybody would let me by. Who would want the lady Santa to be late delivering Christmas presents to their beloved child?

Are you busy now with planning where to place your Christmas tree to have roams for your presents? Christmas is for the children. Why not ask some suggestions from the kids where to put your tree? Children will be very happy and excited about getting involved in putting up their favorite tree. I remember one of my nieces counting all her Christmas presents under her favorite tree. She gets even more excited when her present is in a bigger box compared to that of her brother.

Christmas presents to your older friends should not be too expensive. It is the thought that counts. You can shop for items that suit your pocket and the recipient would be delighted for being remembered. Or, you can go to the book stores and start browsing on some Christmas Cards. Watch out for pre Christmas shopping sale at the malls. As long as you chose the good quality, who would know the items were bought not on its original price? Start sending your Christmas presents and cards early, if you want them received in time for Christmas.

Happy shopping folks!

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