Thursday, February 25, 2010

People Power Revolution Anniversary

Last night I was just excited to report for work. But, when I went to the place where I normally waited for a ride. There was long line of passengers waiting to get home or on their way to work just like me. Some ladies were already stomping their foot as gesture of frustration, while some were conversing noisily to ease their boredom. I wondered what happened why such a throng was waiting for a passenger jeep to arrive. Jeeps by the way are one of our major means of public transportation in the Philippines, aside from Metro train, taxis and busses. Jeeps however are not allowed on major freeways to ease traffic jam. Something is wrong I thought to myself. I tried to look around for taxis but I could not find one.

Later, I decided to give up before my legs would stiffen from standing that could encourage more veins to sprout. I just could not imagine how I could walk dragging my legs back home. So as not to lose my poise, I rummaged for my cell phone and called our team captain. I will be on a half day. I told him I will be at work by two AM. I went back home to the surprise of my landlady thinking I probably got sick. She knew the only situation I would not report for work is when I am sick. She was smiling at me and mentioned about the anniversary.

Then, I remembered the anniversary of our People Power Revolt also known as EDSA Revolution. How could I had forgotten to wake up much earlier or even listened to the news? I could have avoided the agony of waiting for forty five minutes. The first EDSA People Power Revolution happened in February 25, 1986. A historic event in the Philippines that changed the leadership of our nation and marked the restoration of our democracy deprived from all of us Filipinos, for twenty years by the then ex Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. Our first female president Corazon Aquino succeeded the presidency.

EDSA People Power Revolution was repeated when Filipinos gathered for the second time on the same historic spot Peoples Power Monument that ousted or prompted former Philippines President Joseph Estrada to resign. EDSA 2 followed shortly or few hours after the failure of impeachment trial for Joseph Estrada. Incumbent Philippines President Gloria Arroyo succeeded the presidency, January 20, 2001. EDSA by the way is a major thoroughfare in Manila, Philippines. EDSA is an acronym of a name of a known Philippines personality.


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