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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Wow! I never thought we are now at the end of February. It seems like it was only yesterday I was running around after work to complete my Christmas presents for my family and friends. Now, we are close to the end of the love month. If one is busy it seems days are moving too fast.

I believed the beginning of the year had been a blessing to me in general. For one, I am more focused on things I wanted to do. Secondly I am happy having new teammates at work. They are one of my sources of inspiration being away from my family members. I can see how they handle their calls properly. I can see they are doing there best in assisting customers. And most importantly, we are happy at work.

I mentioned I am more focused now. I wanted to write. My blog had always provided me the space I could reach out to my friends. Aside from increasing my knowledge about the World Wide Web, my blogger friends let me cope up with the challenges of blogging while I enjoy. My thanks to my online friends who continuously visited my blog. I guess they would somehow miss me once in a while. Of course, they are shy to let me know. (lol) No violent reaction please.

I do not have formal education in computer. It was my youngest brother who without let up encouraged me to learn the machine. His old Win Me, a hand me down desktop was my very first computer. It was a computer my youngest brother assembled. How can I ever forget my very first encountered with the machine? My sister in law left the computer in my room after setting it up on my table. After she drove home with my niece who was a toddler then, and loves the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song, I do not know where to start to make my computer run.

My brother is challenging me to learn new things, I thought. It took me a day to figure out how to type a simple letter. The process of learning never stops. As my nephew and my nieces progressed into learning the machine, I am happy I could relate to them. The complexity, the enormity of what can be done through the computer had challenged my curiosity what is in it with the World Wide Web. The challenge paved the way to the birth of Jolly Princess @ World Wide Web.

When I passed the qualifying exam and interview at the call center and started my training. How thankful I had been to my youngest brother and my sister in law who had literally pushed me to learn their favorite machine. My books will miss me for a while. But I am sure they will not be jealous with my favorite machine. For quite a long time, during those sleepless nights, my books had been my company. I guess I had given them so much of my time after all.

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