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Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Me

Hello dear friends and bloggers and most especially to those you missed me. Well, incase you did miss me, do not be shy to let me know. (lol) Kidding aside, I am too busy outside the World Wide Web meaning my real world. Actually, mostly work related stuff occupies my crazy brain. When I get home I am devoid of ideas what to write. But do not worry there is no need for a shrink. I am still sane. I managed to visit some of my blogger buddies blogs over the week. To those I have yet to pass by. Do not fret I will visit your blog soon, like a prowler at night.

My fingers are numb from typing at work. We have to documents the calls we received. Imagine you get calls ranging from fifty to seventy a night. If I have to sum up all the words I typed each night, I probably could come up with a short novel. Our quality assurance guys would like us to document properly the calls we received. That is for us to know what transpired during calls incase of customers disputes.

Thanks to my silent partner Vitamin B Complex my fingers are still upright. Happy too, soft touch keyboards are invented. Somehow, I wish I have three arms with a hand attached to it, for the mouse. Glad the roller type mouse was taken aside due to the invention of optical mouse. I can imagine the glaring monitor had the LCD type monitor had not been invented.

Did I mention Vitamin B complex? Vitamin B complex is food supplement that is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system. This vitamin is good for the prevention of stress, anxiety and depression. Like Vitamin C, B vitamin is water soluble. The excess will be excreted through the urine. I hope I can find a vitamin that will cure my dysplexia. Readers got an idea how? Please feel free to call my attention by posting your comment here.

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ravali said...

hi princess,hopefully i can get some posts from you atleast in a week,but do work is precious.

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