Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Challenging Week

Nice to be home, get relaxed and enjoy reading some of the post of blogger friends. Thank your guys for all the comments. You made me happier everyday. There is no reason for me to say I am alone when I am home. I loved being pampered and your greetings made me elated. You made me promise to myself to hone my writing skills to be more adept in the future. Just pardon me for my dyslexia. This happened when I would misspell words. But on my first reading, to me my sentences appear to be correct. My computer will not correct me because there is nothing wrong with my sentence construction. I would discover the erratum when I would reread my post.

This passed week was a challenging week for all of us at work. The new metrics to measure our performance was officially launched this week. Management had focused on our average handling time (AHT). In the old metric this used to be only ten percent of our overall scores. Focusing on average handling time is good but the problem is the time allowed is too small. When you get high bill calls and customers concern that needed more minutes to resolve, you are dead. On the other hand, I do not know if we had spoiled most customers or they are simply lazy to analyze the info on their billing statements. Some would even call for reasons they are unable to do a simple adding and subtracting, a very simple math operation.

I have nothing against monitoring average handling time. But the time allowed is too small. If this will be practiced continuously some other metrics would suffer like QA scores. May even lead to customers dissatisfactions since most agent might lead to getting the customer more irate just to let the customer hang up on the phone. We could not assist the customers properly because we have to shorten our calls. My team mates had been silent about the issue. We needed a job so be it, we have to bite the bullet. At the end of our shift we would alternately glued our eyes on the monitor of the computer of our team captain to check how we faired compared to other teams. We would simply utter a sigh of frustration seeing we were short of the allowed minutes.

It is too early to anticipate the result. But I hope our ambitious leader would wake up from his dream before it becomes a nightmare.


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