Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twist of Events

I resigned to the possibility of getting a good quality assurance scores for the past week due to the new metrics on our average handling time. I even told our team captain I would not pass the of QA score for the past week because of the calls I had been given. To add to my continuing dismay, I almost got my hair pulled up, reporting for work twenty minutes late last night. We were not advised we will suddenly impose the day light saving time in the U.S.

I thought the time is too early for logging in and would still give me few minutes to review some updates. I wondered why my team mates had their headsets on and busy taking in calls by the time I arrived. My seatmate nudged me saying our time was changed to day light saving time. She was probably thinking I would freak out because the last thing I would allow myself is to be late or absent from work without valid justification. She teasingly advised me it is alright anyway my calls for the past week were reviewed. I had two calls reviewed and on both calls the QA guys favored me with 100 percent ratings. The sound of 100 percent QA was enough for me to forget I was late.

While taking in calls and busy navigating the system pretending to listen to the customer. I accessed the results of our QA scores. The scores are overwhelming. All of us in the team passed. With several among us getting 100 percent scores. I verified it is not only in our division, but for the whole account, our group is on top for the second week of March. The average score our team has is a perfect 100 percent to the delight of our team captain. I saw him grinning when he accessed the score sheet. Hard work paid off. We had beaten our 95 percent average in February. We are keeping our fingers crossed, the March average sore would surpass our January and February scores.

In the light of this, we are saddened but happy to let our two team mates go, for a greener pasture. Kristine got promoted to a higher level, to handle escalated calls for unresolved issues of the customers. Dann resigned to pursue her Masters degree. The group will miss you ladies but we had been blessed for having you both as team mates. Keep in touch on Facebook and of course our cell phones are in handy anytime you miss us.


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ravali said...

yeah call center life is so tough and its harder too,but hope u will get some good recognition.

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