Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Week for the Women

Not bad to welcome the celebration of the Day of the Women last 8th of March, Monday. Coming home to work, one of my officemates told me to check on my e-mail. She was referring to the e-mail we used at work an intranet e-mail. She even came closer to me and planted a kiss on my right cheek saying. I am one of those congratulated for having a 100 percent quality assurance (QA) score for the first week of March. Opening my e-mail I was glad my name was on the list along with my three lady team mates. Somehow, I redeemed myself for flanking two weeks for the month of February. I hope fortune will favor me in the coming weeks.

Despite my sore throat I managed the two days of high bill calls. Gosh! It seems these kinds of calls are endless. My throat at times is almost dry. One time I chewed on sugarless gum. The gum popped out of my mouth and stuck to the mouth piece of my headset. I had to mute my phone to give way to my giggles. Actually, we are anticipating more of high bill calls, as the summer months approach. Money is really illusive these days. My seatmate told me last night. She was thinking of filing a vacation leave for few days to at least rest her throat from the non stop flow of high bill calls. I teased her I am not going on leave to practice for the coming summer high bills calls.

Most customers do not recognize or denying the fact that when there is a change in temperature it would normally results in the higher kilowatt hour usage. One time, seeing a bill of a residential customer, billing invoice reads 10500 kilowatt hours. I almost drop from my seat when I saw the dollar amount. Converted to Philippine Peso, the bill to me is a fortune. It took me a while to figure out why so much usage of electricity. On probing, I learned customer has a swimming pool and using a freeze guard.

Last night, I happened to leave a comment in one of the websites I am a member. The topic was about gas price and electricity. I chuckled at the thought I been getting a lot on inquiries at work about the topic. It is nice to participate in the discussions. Bloggers have brilliant ideas. Not only on how they create their blogs but how they reply to forum posts. Life indeed is a continuous learning process. I would admit I am learning a lot from my blogger friends. I just hope I could impart something to them likewise. Even, just to make them smile when they read my blog.


Suraj Vibhute said...

Happy womans day! Sry for the late. :D

Eci si Cami said...

You made me make me smile especially at the stage of chewing gum!
In connection with the consumption of electricity I think everywhere is the same.
I think most countries are thieves in this regard and powerful countries dominate the power industry and do what they want and how they will!
It is a struggle and unfortunately some very hard to enrich and other new citizens ie Pay bill comes we do not have another solution ...
Greetings with respect!

Lulus Sutopo said...

Happy womens day,..nice site and good articles..Good Luck!

Huzaifa said...

Happy Women's day... sory i m quite late, but in my thinking its better to be late than never..

Eci si Cami said...

I visited the new blog and stick to the same conclusion .... very nice!
Greetings from me and my family!

Fatima Da aka Fatibony said...

I did smile when reading our blog and I do agree life is a continuous learning process. The chewing gum story was funny I couldn’t help but chuckle too. Thanks for stopping at Expressive Wellness

Jasir Javaz said...

belated wishes of gals day.. hehe. I love to change the name womens day to Gals day.. how is it? thankz for visiting ma site dear Princess

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