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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Monday Night

Monday at work was just fine. We got lots of calls at the start of the night. Yet, as the night went deeper, calls lessened. Our only complain was not the slow but very, very slow computer system. Probably the server was not working alright. Or the system was again undergoing enhancements last night. I really do hope the revisions are minors. I am not ready yet for another system - enhancement training. Ahhh! Memory overload! I have not gotten a back up file for my brain, yet.

Gosh! It seems every month we undergo system updates ever since we changed to the new computer system. To think, it had been a year we had been using the new system. Congratulations to the programmers! Our account had been dreaded by most customer care representatives in the entire group. Why is that? You got to have patience as special talent to navigate the system.  I was told some new hire trainees would backed out when they get to the system navigation lesson. I got a young lady trainee observer last night. I guess she got dizzy and learned nothing from me. My hands were faster than my mouth while talking to customers. I felt sorry for her. I need to navigate that way for my average handling time requirement.

Our team captain was on vacation leave last night. It must have been a real surprise for him, getting my text message to his cell phone at 1am. It is his birthday today April 27. Hush! Do not tell him I tattled, okay? Not sure why he does not want us to know his birthday. Maybe he is keeping his age secret. The thing is, he had forgotten to delete is date of birth on Facebook. I was in there a while ago. He got bunch of birthday greeters. Sorry, TC it is no secret anymore.
May all your wishes come true!

We know one of your wishes is for us to be the number one team in our division. Well… miracles do happen.

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