Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Beyond Expectations

Last night was the start of our updated computer system. At first we had little difficulty navigating our computers. It would freeze in the middle of our calls. Until in the early morning the computer finally hung up on us. I pity some customers who were on queue for several minutes. By the time some were able to listen to our voices. We had to recite our spiel they need to call us back later during the day due to our system updating. Philippines time is fourteen hours of the DST time of our client in the U.S. Some who were insistent demanded to speak with a manager. I advised them the manager is also using the same computer system.

There is no result yet on the overall team performance for March. Our team may not top in average handling time. What I am sure is we topped the quality assurance score and attendance record. The nature of our work demands for our utmost presence. My teammates had been wise enough to file for vacation leave when they felt they needed rest. Plotted vacation leaves are exempted from absenteeism counts. My teammates are dead serious in getting a good team scores. We tried our best to get way ahead in our average handling time. But some of us are not fortunate and not exempt from high bill irate callers. That included me of course. High bill calls needed longer minutes to handle.

Whatever the overall results would be, I personally would like to congratulate each one of my teammates for their diligence in handling calls. No matter how difficult the calls had been. We lowered our average handling time in an amazing percentage. Our team captain advised me our former office manager is happy to see my improvement in average handling time. I do not know really how I did it. I just know I needed to do it for the team. The winning spirit surpassed the challenge. Come what may, we know we did our best. If we do not make it to be the overall winner for March, maybe our best was not good enough. What we learned is, if we work harder, just like what my favorite brand of shoes says. Impossible is nothing.

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