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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog Connects

I busied my self with the usual ritual I do during weekend or my days off. That is to be home and work on my household chores. Next, I would visit some blogs of my blogger friends from my network communities. Later in the day yesterday, I decided to check my e-mails. Yes, it is plural. I have several of them. It had been a while I had not been reading my e-mails from friends. I normally get forwarded messages from some friends. I had to separate e-mail solely for friends. Some friends thought I appreciate all those forwarded messages. Like warnings about internet scammers, chain messages you are advised to forward to friends. Otherwise non compliance would mean something horrible might happen. I do not know why some, still believed in those hoaxes. The more those chain messages come to your inbox the more you should be wary. You exposed your computer to spywares and virus.

Anyway, to cut the story short I noticed familiar name on my inbox. It came from a friend from long time ago. It was from my Australian friend I met in a church seven years back. She said she happened to surf the net and came across with my blog. She recognized me from my picture and sent me an e-mail to verify if it was indeed me. At first she hesitated to send me an e-mail message. She is not to sure if I am still using the same e-mail address I gave her. Her email address was different from the one I saved in my address book. I could not imagine my blog found my friend. We chatted for few minutes at yahoo messenger. She showed me a photo of her husband and two children. Twist of fate. She married the Canadian guy who she was not attracted to when they were exchange students is Manila. She likes our Korean friend. I did not ask her anymore what happened. Why her heart went to the stocky Canadian, as she would describe him before.

Spanish sardines sandwich is what I always remembered her whenever we would have meetings to attend. The Spanish Sardines lady had improved on her taste. She likes tuna sandwich now. She is very thrifty that I would describe her as stingy to tease her. Her soft finger nails would tear as we rummaged at the second hand bookstore for pocket books, rather than buying brand new ones. I had inherited those books when she went back home. Covers were either turm or crumpled. She reads before going to sleep and would role over on the pocket books. I would accompany her after work to buy her things during mall wide cut priced sale. She had the patience to wait for me for almost an hour. She is always a happy person. Smiles and giggles at anything that fancied her.

Sue, I am happy to communicate with you again. Be thankful for my Nokia phone for my profile photo. I almost got cross-eyed when I took that photo myself.


beanizer_05 said...

Wow! Blogging is like finding lost friends in FB..hehehe..
I'm happy for both of you..for 2 great friends to find each other again is more than a wonderful feeling..

You got nice posts here :)

ravali said...

hey nice to hear about your lost friend,but actually doesn't lost but time made you two be apart!!!
happy for you,hey jolly u might be thinking that iam the one whom you see in the avatar pic of mine,but iam not,it's my favourite actress photo ok!!! day i will keep mine too!!!

Willz said...

following you from blog upp. you have a lovely blog.

Christian said...

I'm so glad you have met your friend again Ms. Jolly. It is an awesome feeling to meet someone that you have missed for so long and then to get a message from your friend in an unexpected way. Sometimes things happen in our lives and we are amazed on how or why did it happen but as always ms. Jolly in those instances God knows the desires of your heart and God makes ways to make His children happy!

tikno said...

With my first comment here hopefully we can built "blog connect"

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