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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Last Few Days of April

The month of April is almost over. I never thought this is the month I had posted a lot compared to the past three months. Glad I had chosen a personal blog category. I can write anything under the hot summer sun. As one of my online friends told me once, during our e-mail exchange -“I like your prose it flows.” I hope he already encountered my blog. It is a pity we lost touch. I lost one avid fan. Smile fellahs. It cost nothing, remember? Weather in Manila, Philippines is getting warmer. As warm as the approaching summer months, the campaigns of the hopeful candidates are likewise getting warmer. The judgment day is on the 10th of May. Good luck guys. May the handsomest and prettiest posters win!

My teammates were rejoicing last night. Our team captain announced he already received the money we won, for getting good attendance for the month of March. The money is to be used for our team building. Everyone was excited about sharing where to go and what day our team building should be. Some suggested we go to a beach resort. Others suggested a simple cozy place we could spend a night together. Whatever the outcome would be, the most important for me is to relax. I mentioned with our team captain I want a place that when we go there. I do not have anything to carry but my overnight bag for my personal belongings. Not going to a place, I need to carry a stove to bother myself cooking and washing the dishes.

This coming Saturday I will be watching Iron Man 2 in a 3D cinematic effect. The movie ticket is courtesy of our office. I hope there will be a free popcorn and coke as well. I like the pop corn with cheese. Yup! We have a nice popcorn stand at the mall where our office is located. I had never been a pop corn lover except their pop corn. It seems the popped kernels would melt in my mouth even before I start chewing them. I have not watched this movie before. I do hope it is worth spending my time with. Yikes! I am getting bad. Well, I am Jolly Princess after all. Not Angel Princess.  


ravali said...

whew...summer hasn't end yet!!!!
it's hot's still there!!!!

Jill Wellington said...

Jolly, I would love to hear more about life in the Philippines in your blog. It's so enjoyable to meet people from other countries and learn about their lives.

My college roommate was in the Peace Corp stationed in the Philippines for three years. She married a Philippine guy on my birthday. Her children are gorgeous!

beanizer_05 said...

Wow! Sounds a great relaxing day for you Ms. JP..can i come with you? hehehe..

have a great time ahead! Take care:)

Christian said...

Hello Ms. Jolly! Enjoy your bonding moments. Moments like that not only brings relaxation but also a time of happiness and priceless moment with friends that is far more valuable than getting your pay check. Don't forget to share your experience here in your blog I'll be waiting!

manimage said...

I hope this coming month would be a rainy days..It's starting now in our place, 3 consecutive days..not bad and Thank God!

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