Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Lost Paradise

I am tired for the past week. I hope the feeling will get better soon. I guess I need a vacation. This feeling is normal I supposed. I am a living thing after all. My habitat is full of unknown species eating up my strength. No matter how I try to reverse my way of thinking I am getting carried away by a strong current of life challenges. There are times I wanted to simply lay awake in my bed counting the beautiful events that happened in my life. That is where I get the strength. The shadow that looms behind, I ignored. I do not want to succumb to defeat. I know I am good.

Life is what we make it, as saying goes. We tried to surpass our achievements in the best way we could. But our best will never be enough. There will always be the chosen one predestined to finish the race ahead of someone else. No matter how hard we try we do not exactly get what we wanted. I try to dream. Spread my wings ready to soar high. The wind however is so strong going against the path I geared my direction.

In life mediocrity is unacceptable. But if you accept you are incapable you are excused. When you are good you are seldom remembered because everyone is expected to be good. If you slipped once into making an unfavorable decision the stigma could not be forgotten at all. Life is extreme. Life is complex. In this modern world, life is full of competition. We compete against others. We compete with ourselves to do better next time around. Oh, how I wish life should go back to its original state. It was when life was simple without the need for competition.     

 Or maybe I would like to meet Peter Pan to take me to Neverland... Maybe in there, I will have A Whole New World.☺


Janz said...

Life is a competition these days. Like they say you have to go and compete with the current, otherwise you'll get left behind. However, don't overwork yourself. Sometimes we need to rest. A vacation sounds good! Isn't summer season in the Philippines now? maybe you should hit the beach, unwind and relax! Enjoy the cool water. And yes, Neverland sound good too. We princesses need to be in a far far away place... take care!

Janz said...

Hi JollyPrincess. Im glad I made you smile. I actually enjoy reading your entries. Id like to share something with you. While in college, we had this saying "sharpening the saw" Its actually an illustration from one of our textbooks. Its about this guy, or logger, who cuts trees using a saw. He works like theres no tomorrow and he doesn't take breaks. One day he noticed that his saw isn't cutting the trees like it used to and so he asked another person. The other guy told him that he never rests and he cuts trees continuously that the saw isn't too sharp anymore and his body or performance is getting weaker and weaker. Now sharpening the saw meant that one needs to take rests from work or busy life in order to be able to function well both physically and mentally. So sharpening the saw sort of got stuck with me like for example if Im really busy id say to myself oh i need to sharpen the saw, go to the beach or something! I hope that helps! You know we only have one body or life. We need to take care of our health. Stress is bad for the body! Take care and have fun once in awhile!

sudhi said...

hehe peter pan will sure take u there bt first he hav to take!!!!!!!

Antoinette R. Banks said...

I wish life was had more disney in it. Keep your head up!

Anonymous said...

i agree that the life is complex but the best thing is that it keeps flowing n never stops so thats a relief...isnt it???

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