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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday Buzz

I was at work last Monday an hour early than my work schedule. My team mates had same idea. Some of them have work schedule an hour ahead of mine. Our command center, the one who throws the calls at us had to reshuffle our work shifts as we operate twenty four- seven. It is why some customers dial our number just to have someone to vent out his of her frustrations in life. It is economical to call our customer service hotline rather than consult a shrink.

We used to get a call from a customer who talks for hours. He does not make sense at all. He had the habit of dialing our customer service hotline. He would narrate non stop stories about his friends, himself and any topic, but not business related. I got two of his calls on two dreaded nights. He is a customer and releasing a call, to us is a crime. I had to agonize listening to his mantra for an hour.

The computer updates did not happen, Monday. However, I noticed when I would copy paste my documentation from my note pad to the space where we leave notes on customers concern for the call. It was sort of sticky. I had to pressed harder control C and control V before my notes could be copy pasted. I thought to myself someone must we working on the updates.

Personally, I hope the new system update would indeed be user friendly as presented to us by our trainer. One thing more, we hope as we navigate the system it will be faster compared to what we are using at present. Our average handling time for April is 320 minutes reduced from 340 minutes in March. Whoever concocted this idea, does not want to wake up from his deep slumber.

No visitors came, to our delight. I hope by the time he comes. We would be enjoying our vacation leave by then. My, I am getting bad today. At least I am human to feel this way.

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