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Monday, April 12, 2010

Relaxing Weekend

My two days off from work is relaxing despite some cleaning and laundry I did at home. I want to be organized. I am unable to do away with my cleaning. Thankful I lived in house that has a third floor solely for hanging clothes to dry. In this way I can save energy and be environment friendly. Part of the place is shaded. I do not have to bother about my clothes getting scorched from the hot summer sun. Temperature is getting warmer in Manila now. It is summer time. Yesterday, I wonder why it was too windy. When I got down and looked at myself in front of a mirror my hair was ruffled uncompromisingly. I thought to myself I need a haircut. Shorter hair needs less time to manage and economical.

I am glad my best friend has few minutes to chat despite his hectic schedule. I lost counts how many times we would go online then offline during the day. Thanks to the inventor of cell phones. I can chat with him using my cell phone when I am offline. Watching DVD and CD movies is another activity I do not want to miss on weekend. You may call it funny but I have the habit of watching again the movies I liked a lot. Some CDs I bought on discounted sale from a bookstore are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, etc. I could rent some DVD and CDs but I got lazy sometimes to walk from the house to the store. For the new movies the owner would require twenty four hours rental. They have to require you however, to pay membership fee before you are allowed rentals.

Weekend entitles me to go online with gusto. I am saddened by the news about the plane crash that involved the Polish President, his wife and some high profile personalities. It was devastating for the whole country to lose their leader together with the key personalities. There are speculations about a possible foul play or human error. Whatever had been the cause, I hope the people will unite for the immediate resolution of the case. And they would have someone to take care of the administrative affairs of their country. Aside from reading the news online I had more time to interact with my blogger friends. Read some of their blogs. It is a pity I am unable to finish visiting all of them. I chose the blog to read randomly.

Comes Monday, I would report for work an hour early. The computer system we are using had been updated. Plus we were advised at the end of last week we are to be asked randomly of all the weekly updates of company policies. We got a visitor coming from the U.S. who would go around our stations. I do not want to take it negatively. But how the hell could our busy brains retain all of the tons of updates? Gosh! No wonder why our account is getting narrower in number of employees. Good luck to all of us.


ravali said...

wow got a leave is really a peace,hope you enjoyed a lot!!!!

Janz said...

Count me in too! I like watching my fave movies over and over again. I just never get tired of watching even if I memorized most of the lines! LOL I know, it's sad to hear the news of the plane crash :( I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend! :) Good luck at work!

Anonymous said...

weekends are great tym for relaxing...thank god the week has weekends...lolz

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