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Monday, April 19, 2010

To My Debutante Niece

♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ♫ Wishing you all the BEST! ♫

Welcome young lady to adulthood. You are now 18. Is it not exciting?
Of all my nieces she is the one that I enjoyed going to movies. We laughed together at corny stories. It seems like only yesterday when she would insist on staying with me at home. I would forbid her from going outside to hide her from the boys on purpose. The girl had grown into a young lady with pretty face and well curved body to the right places, to my envy. I hope and pray she would have all the nicest things she had wished for. And.. to guide her to the path where life would lead her to.
Love you girl ~

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ravali said...

hey pretty girl,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
jolly,i don't know her name,would u just tell me!!!

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