Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Buzz

The weekend ended with nothing much to be alarmed. We started the new computer system at work. For the past two days we had options to use the old and the new system at our preference. I chose the old because I am concerned of my average handling time. My brain and two hands had been used to the old system so why risk my average handling time for two days? Our team captain just shrugged it off when I told him about the simple logic. That was opposed to what was taught by our trainers. I go by logic and common sense at times rather than theories. Books are good however practice makes anything perfect. Reality bites. When the new system became fully operational last Thursday and Friday, our average handling time went up.

Getting a lot of praises and good comments from my blogger friends made me felt good. The gestures reminded me to visit their blogs over my two days off. I got good news from my eleven year old niece. Their string ensemble won gold at the Youth Singapore Festival. It made me so proud of her. My brother after the accident reported for work in crutches though. My mother has someone to take care of her. Not bad happenings for the week. My only set back is. My vacation leave was not approved. I guess our workforce needed someone endows with patience and a talented customer care representative. I could go with that for a while.

I received a letter from a friend after a month of silence. My new friend never let up to communicate over the week. I had been getting a heart warming message from yahoo messenger to my cell phone. I hope the coming days will go on smoothly. It is continuously getting warmer in Manila, Philippines. Like the warmth of the promises from all aspiring presidential candidates for the highest post of our country. Whoever wins this May 2010 election, I hope he converts the promises into realities. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. For the time being, my high hopes are for the best.

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yes summer is too hot in here too in india!!!

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