Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Whiz Kid Strikes Back

It is winning moment for the Whiz Kid, my ten years old niece. Their String Ensemble won gold in 2010 Singapore Youth Festival. She plays violin for the group. Last year they won silver. The children worked harder this year in their practice before the competition. The effort paid off. If approved by their school principal, the prize would be a trip to the U.S. If I heard it right. Last year it was a trip to Australia.

Singapore Youth Festival is an annual event in Singapore boosting talents of the youth in performing arts and sports. This was organized by Ministry of Education of Singapore. The annual event is participated by various public and private schools starting from the months of April to July. From more or less thirty thousands, youth participants are growing in numbers to date.

The Whiz Kid was born in the Philippines. Daddy and mommy decided to live in Singapore due to the nature of the work of her daddy. She started school in Singapore, to the present. Despite her hectic schedule in school and violin practice she swims regularly. Swimming is her favorite sport where she also excels, on her Speedo swimming outfit.

At home, she busied herself with her laptop to communicate with her Farmville buddies in Facebook. She makes it a point to study her lessons in schools every night with her mommy as tutor. Getting good grades entitles her the best birthday and Christmas presents a girl could have. The gift showers are not only from daddy and mommy, but from the immediate members of her family.

I recall her favorite song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Now, the Little Star does not only twinkles but shines brightly.

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ravali said...

hey that's great,congrats for the success of your niece!!!

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