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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winner Takes All

Here is the winner of the most creative theme during our balloon décor contest.

I mentioned in my earlier post the winner will be announced later. The team is headed by my former team captain. I admired how she made her team busy for two days before the contest. The theme of their décor touches on a vacation to an island to get away from the heat of summer in Manila, Philippines. The eye catching is the balloons they shaped to look like palm trees. A net that looks like a hammock was tied to the balloons I am glad I took photo on every station. The team won cash for their best effort. It was a theme well thought of.



ravali said...

congrats jolly!!!!
see hard work never fails!!!!

Jill Wellington said...

What fun...and very colorful! I want to see more of the balloon displays. I look forward to reading more posts, Jolly.

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