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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun At the Mall

I had a bonding time with my nephew at the mall. I thought of buying some groceries for my mother. Weekend is for my laundry and cleaning at home. I sent text message to my nephew if he has time to meet me at the mall for the groceries. One thing I admire with my nephew is being early bird whenever I see him. A trait he had inherited from, you knew who? Yup! I always made sure to be an early bird. I do not want to waste my time. More so with other people, who are busy as I am. He was right at the entrance of one of the Ayala malls in Makati City, even before the mall opened.

After leaving a bag of items I bought, at the grocery package counter. We went straight to the food court for our early lunch. My nephew had sizzling steak. I had my favorite fresh lumpia. Fresh lumpia is a Filipino dish made of sliced mixed vegetables. It is wrapped in a wrapper made out of flour or egg. The wrapper is rolled with the vegetables inside. Sometimes, to make it looks more appetizing. It is prepared with a leafy vegetable protruding at one end of the rolled wrapper. Lumpia is eaten with sauce poured on top with bits of ground garlic. Or other spices to enhance the taste. Another way of preparing lumpia is by deep frying the rolled wrapper with the mixed vegetables inside.

I am not a vegetarian but since our parents trained us to eat vegetables as we lived in a farm in my growing years. Now that time had added more numbers to my age. I had never regretted of the training we had. I ate any kind of vegetables even seaweeds. My nephew had chunks of carrots and mashed potatoes to go with his steak. He used to be a meat lover as a young boy, vegetables does not taste good for kids anyway. I am glad he learned to eat vegetables as he grew older. After meal we had fun roaming around the mall window shopping.

The 16th of May being a Sunday, Philippines time, the malls were packed with shoppers. Parents with kids busied themselves rummaging for things to be used comes the school opening in June. Classes nationwide in the Philippines start in June. While some schools have trimesters in college levels, most schools have two semesters. Ayala malls had midnight madness discounted sales for three days, starting Friday, the 14th of May. A blouse caught my attention, but I forgo my plan to take it to the cashier. I still can manage with what I have inside my drawers.

We went to Cinderella store. The sales lady, I used to buy the Speedo swim-wears for my ten year old niece recognized me. She had me fitted their new swim suit. A two piece, short shorts with matching fitted blouse just above belly button. I told my nephew when he gets a job. I would assign him the swim suit as his birthday gift for me. I told him, I looked sexy on it. We cackled with laughter as the sales lady had a wide grin on her face. My nephew bought a book from his favorite store, Power Books. We shared donuts for a quick snack. I matched the donuts with brewed coffee, my nephew, with a mango juice.

I went with him at the bus top and waited until he got a ride. I was home at five in the afternoon. I received text message from my nephew, shortly after I took my shower. He was home by five, likewise. To me it was kind of exercise. The walking did not wear me out despite my two inches slip-on sandals. We thought of watching a movie next time. I sent him text message, we can watch Shrek. I knew he must be chuckling, reading my message.


Marissa said...

What a sweet aunt you are!
I also just like to walk the streets (or vicinity) of the Ayala malls, it's exercise and change of view in a way. Then have a relaxing time(meaning not hurried time for me)at a coffee shop, just enjoying the nice, sweet smell of the coffee with a matching good book, or just have a real nice conversation with my friend. We deserve it too ^___^

Christian/Lyn said...

Hello Ms. Jolly! I also like Ayala Malls because it is less crowded and has a nicer ambiance compared to other malls. I also love eating fresh lumpia in Max's. Continue smiling and having a kind heart Ms. Jolly! We have many things to be thankful of!- Lyn

Luke said...

Hi Ms Jolly, Sounds like a great trip out and it is always nice to be spoilt by an auntie.
Have a good day

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