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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Blogger Award

I received this so called award from a blogger. You may want to visit the link.

His blog is great. I had been coming back whenever I would see he posted a new article. His blog is on my reading list. The instruction upon receiving the award is for me to choose at least seven bloggers. However, I hesitated to choose the seven. There are bloggers in the communities I joined I could consider great bloggers. The space will not be enough if I add all their URLs. I was also recognized by some bloggers, for me to choose number of bloggers to whom I could pass on the award. I declined to choose just handfuls. As you guys are probably aware of. I do ransom visits to your blogs. Leave comments and come back in my free time.

Blogging to me is a hobby. I do not believe in earning for blogging. When I visit your blog and see some ads in there I maybe obliged to click on some. What my busy brain could not understand is. Some bloggers would solicit a vote or would ask fellow bloggers to check on their ads. Please do not be lazy folks. Learn to publish your blog but please do it subtly. Your blogger friends are in no obligation to keep coming back to your blog. Life does not revolve at World Wide Web alone. They have something to take care of outside the web.

Oh, and if you are interested on making friends with some bloggers I met. Please check on them on the list in my communities. You may also check on their comments and what they are blogging about at my blog column ♥ What the Blogger Sayz. ♥

Happy blogging folks!

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Arindam said...

Really big thinking by a lady with the biggest heart. thats why you are different than others. stay happy and keep blogging.

My blog list. What they are blogging about. ♥