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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Election Twenty Ten

Filipinos were in festive mood as they trooped to their respective polling places last Monday, May 10. They participated in the first national automated election. Despite speculations of software malfunctioning and possible failure of election, Filipinos defy the negative publicities. They want to be counted in choosing their leaders. There were some who endured the long queue, fanning themselves with folded papers as they waited for their turns. I admire such spirit of determination.

While some polling places had been orderly, some experienced long hours just to cast their votes. Filipinos are determined for the change. Filipinos had spoken. The heavy turn out of voters showed they would like their votes to be counted. They are concerned not only of the future generations but to set an example they can make things happen. Compared to the previous elections that votes were counted manually, Philippines Commission on Elections accordingly will be able to proclaim the winning candidates in less than few days after the election.

Over seventy- five percent of around fifty million registered voters went to the polls as early as seven in the morning to participate in the first ever automated national election. Filipinos voted for the next President, Vice President, the twelve Senators out of twenty-four senators, and all members of the House of Representatives. Also elected are Governors, Mayors, Vice-Mayors and other local officials of Cities and Municipalities. Philippines have Presidential form of government. The elected officials have six years term of office.

Leading for the Presidential race is Benigno Aquino 111, fondly called as Noynoy. He is the son of the late and first lady President of the Republic of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino and former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. His father Benigno Aquino Jr, nicknamed Ninoy, was assassinated in August 21, 1983. It was at the tarmac of Manila International Airport returning to the Philippines from his exile in the United States for seven years. He was shot stepping out of China Airlines Flight 811. It was believed to be a military conspiracy. Later, Manila International Airport was changed to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, NAIA as its acronym.

The assassination of Ninoy Aquino paved the way for his spouse Corazon Aquino to run for Philippine Presidency, faced the then strongman Ferdinand Marcos in the political arena. Marcos won by wide margin during the ballot counting. The election was marred with massive cheating. People Power Revolution also known as EDSA Revolution ousted the strongman Ferdinand Marcos in Feb 25, 1986 before he was proclaimed winner. Marcos fled to Hawaii with his family members and close constituents on board an American chopper.

Corazon Aquino despite being inexperience in politics restored democracy in the Philippines. She rebuilt the devastated Philippine economy during the Marcos regime. The Lady President won victorious battles against seven coup attempts during her administration. She was featured in the cover of Time Magazine as Woman of the Year in 1986. Meantime, Filipinos have high hopes on the new President elect Noynoy Aquino that he would deliver his campaign battle cry. To summarized them all up. He promised for a better Philippines.


ravali said...

well congrats pinoy!!!

Arindam said...

Good to see so many voters went to the poll booth to cast their vote. is this the normal percentage of voters or to get the experience of automated election for the first time?
In India we can't think of such a huge percentage of voting.
Wish the candidate you vote wins the election and forms the government

Jill Wellington said...

Very interesting to read about the Philipine election. I remember Aquino's murder back in 1983. I enjoy reading about your country and culture on your blog, Jolly!

Christian/lyn said...

Nice article Ms. Jolly on Philippines election history.Filipinos now are really determined to cast their votes for their chosen candidates. Pinoys are full of hopes that the next President would have a clean heart to fight against corruption. How I wish and pray that our country will see our hopes and dreams come true one day and not rely on false hopes again. It is time also for us Filipinos to make our own simple ways to change our country and not just depend on our leaders!

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