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Sunday, May 02, 2010

First of May

May 1, Saturday morning was a festive occasion for our account. It was a day for Iron Man 2. Thursday work shift, we were advised to wear red or something with red when we report to work, Friday night. I love red, being one of my favorite colors. I struggled deciding which shirt I would wear, Friday night. I had three plain red t-shirt blouses in my drawer. I finally chose the loose one to go with my black legging pants. Legging pants had been in fashion in Manila, to my advantage. It needs no ironing. To some of my gentlemen blogger buddies, legging is a tight fit pants similar to those we, ladies wear at the gym for exercise. On Mondays and Tuesdays we are required to be on business attire. The rest of the week we can go on dress down. With my legging pants, I could wear them any day of the week. I just need to pair it with a good top.

My team mates were already busy with calls when I reported for work Friday night. One thing I admire with my team mates is their dedication to the work. We have time to laugh on days we have lulls in calls. Yet, we are dead serious attending to customers during queuing time. We never put on hold our customers to make chatters. A nod or thumbs up are already good greetings when a team member would arrive. I was the last one to log out at eight, Saturday morning. We received lots of calls early part of the morning. To have lower average handling time, I used note pad to leave my documentations for the longer calls. I had to remember the keywords or type sentence fragments what transpired during the call. On my breaks and after work shifts, I had to work on proper documentations. In this ways my quality assurance score will not suffer while I lowered my average handling time.

Before the movie started, my team mates and I had a hearty breakfast courtesy of the fund we won for our attendance. We had a brief program to award those top customer care representatives (CCR) for the whole account. The awards focused on our respective work categories. Like sales and enrollments, billing and credits, service, or we call default customer care representatives. If you belong to service, you handle all calls be it enrollment or billing calls. Our team unfortunately belongs to service. Our program coordinators chose the top CCRs based on our overall scores. Overall scores includes, average handling time, quality assurance score, attendance etc. Four of us in our team were among those on the top eight for January, one for February and four in March. Certificates of recognition plus cash were given. We did not win the best team but I know our team captain was happy for our individual awards. A pity, cameras were not allowed except for our official photographer. The awarding was inside the movie house. Our office hired someone dressed in Iron Man costume. Our team was unable to have photo sessions with the Iron Man.

We did not have popcorns and cokes. Each one of us was given big packs of potato chips as we entered the movie house. Our Senior Sales Operations Manager jokingly threw at us more packs of the potato chips inside the movie house before the awarding ceremony started. We scrambled to catch the flying packs of potato chips over our head. Our team captain provided the drinks for our team. I had a bottle of Gatorade to my delight. Iron Man was on the screen after an hour of the awarding ceremonies. Laughter, giggles and shouting reverberated inside the movie house as Iron Man dominated the screen. Our team had another sumptuous lunch after the movie, again courtesy of our attendance fund. It was full of excitement sharing about Iron Man 2 and the upcoming team building. I was home by four in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday days off somehow have advantages.

Oh, I mentioned us in the awarding ceremony, right? Although I did not an get award for February due to a low quality assurance score, I landed number six in January. My best was in March being a third placer, garnering my best average handling time and quality assurance scores. Please do not ask how I did it. Miracles do happen. Yes, indeed…


Christian said...

Hi Ms. Jolly! Such a refreshing experience. It is really worth of your time and effort if you are enjoying your work with good and nice people in your working place. I also enjoy my work now and we just finished our bowling tournament rank 3rd among 150 employees haha...not that proud just with a big smile. I guess every engineer has a passion for bowling! Congratulations for a job well done not Ms. Jolly and for being an inspiration and for spreading your jolly spirit to everyone! Thanks for the nice compliment on my site. My wife and I are a tag team in doing the articles she is much more better than I am in writing and editing. God bless you till my next visit.

Christian said...

OOOps ms.Jolly I'm sorry disregard for a job well done not it should be for a job well done. it is 6 a.m. and just woke up I guess i'm still sleepy. Sorry again ms. Jolly oh I'm so ashamed (Smile)

JollyPrincess said...

Hi Christian, it is alright my friend you do not have to worry about the minor typo error. I want to post my reply here so you could see in your next visit. Congrants in your bowling tournament! I play bowling myself and could manage a strike once in a while. We are about 500 CCRs that competed. The result of my winning 3rd place for the month of March surprised me. I do not know how I did it. All I know is I did my best to lower my average handling time for our team. By doing so I lifted up my score as well. I got lucky in March too because I got an almost perfect average score in quality assurance. I am elated of the result! :)

Jill Wellington said...

I am laughing so hard at Christian's typo...I made the SAME mistake commenting on a blog recently. It is so easy to type NOT instead of NOW and it really changes the meaning..ha ha!

Jolly, sounds like you really enjoy your job and coworkers. I like hearing about other cultures.

Time to go visit Christian's blog.

Dr. Heckle said...

So you got to have your awards ceremony at the Theater? That's really cool!

No worries about your scores. May is a brand new month!

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