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Monday, May 24, 2010

Most Friendly Award

Hey guys, I got another award from Luke. He is from Indonesia. Thank you Luke for the Most Friendly Award! I never thought I am, really. (Hey, I got to be a little humble in the eyes of a gentleman. No violent reaction, okies?)

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Oh, let me update you with what I am doing outside the World Wide Web.

Before the end of my shift at work last Friday, 21st of May. I was happy to see my work schedule this coming week. I filed a vacation leave three weeks ago for at least four days. I was approved to go on vacation leave for three days. The other day I am supposed to be on vacation, they had me scheduled on training. I do not have any idea what the training would be.

I work at night and my normal schedule is night time for the whole week. Some of my colleagues were not very happy about our training schedule. The training schedule was set at six in the morning until three in the afternoon. They have to come back by eleven or twelve midnight for the next work schedule. Whoever is the scheduler, he or she must have forgotten we are working as a customer care representatives of a call center not as soldiers.

I would say I got lucky compared to my teammates. After the training I am on vacation leave at night.I had waited for my vacation leave and just the right timing it was approved. My youngest brother and his family will be on vacation to visit our mother. My niece is on vacation from school and due to the Holiday in Singapore my brother will have few days off from work. It will only be few days for me, but I am glad I would have days to spend with my family. My drawers and cabinets at home need some dustings too.

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Marvin said...

Hi Ms Jolly,

How are you?

Nice posts! May I know where are you working? What is the company name?

Thanks :)

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