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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Pineapple is one of the many fruits that can be found in the Philippines. This fruit is a native of Central and South America. It was believed to be brought to the Philippines by the Spaniards during their early occupation in the country. Pineapple may appear to be unfriendly because of its thorny leaves but do not let the appearance deceive you. This plant had been popular way back in the earlier era, because of its sweet tasting fruits, its medicinal benefits and as meat tenderizer.

Pineapple has the most useful enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain can be found in the fruit and more on the stem of this unique plant. Bromelain had been used in wide array of medical conditions. Bromelain is an anti inflammatory agent that had helped a lot in the recovery of sports injury, trauma, arthritis, and other kinds of swelling, digestive problems, sinusitis, and aided in healing after surgery. Bromelain is also beneficial for phlebitis. Phlebitis is inflammation of a vein. The cause of the inflammation may be related to injury of the vein or infection.

Bromelain reduces painful symptoms of varicose veins. It has blood thinning characteristics that is considered helpful to those who suffered from blood clots or hematoma. Bromelain could help breakdown atherosclerotic plaques to enable better blood flow. Thus, it is recommended for those with hypertension due to Atheromatous Aorta. Atheromatous Aorta is the build up plaque on aorta that could be due to eating fatty foods. Plaque is a deposit of fatty material on the inner lining of an arterial wall. These fats could cause constriction of the artery, hindering better blood flow. The blood thinning characteristics in bromelain helps fight the build up of plaque.

Bromelain helps combat allergic attack like hay fever. Hay fever is an allergic condition affecting the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and the eyes. It is characterized by nasal discharge, sneezing, and itchy, watery eyes. This is usually caused by an abnormal sensitivity to airborne pollen. Pineapple itself is loaded with vitamin C to keep your body healthy and strong. And do not forget, it promotes healthy skin. Try it on your fingernails and toenails. Pineapple juice could make your nails thoroughly clean.

If you are sensitive to pineapple fruits, you may opt to buy bromelain in tablet forms. Yet, let me remind you folks, it is a bit expensive. In Manila, I found this bromelain in tablets being sold at Healthy Options at various malls. Please know, I am not affiliated with this store, neither I knew someone working in there. I just want to help my friends and readers who might benefit from reading this post. I am also proud to say. My father was one of the farmers who introduced the cultivation of another variety of pineapple. It is smaller, but sweeter when allowed to ripen on its trunk.


Jill Wellington said...

Yum! I love fresh pineapple and didn't know it had so many health benefits. Makes me want to run out and buy one right now! Thanks for the info, Jolly!

Christian/lyn said...

Wow didn't know pineapple has this added benefits. I thought pineapple are only best to fight cancer. Thanks for the info. ms. Jolly and thank you for leaving a comment on my marriage site. I love pineapples but sometimes my tongue gets itchy hahaha...

mohanis said...

i'm not really a fan of pineapple until i read your article :D nice info, we have a lot of pineapple here in Malaysia too. thanks for your visit JollyPrincess :)

Ryan said...

Didn't realise pineapple held so many health benefits, one of my favourite drinks is the pineapple coconut cooler, has anyone ever tried it, it's so refreshing on a warm day. Don't forget to add ice.

Mas-Raden said...

thats good article, i like it

hi from mas raden

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