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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two More Blogger Awards

Thank you to my two blogger friends for these awards. I received other awards actually from other bloggers but I am just too busy to post them. From now, onwards, I promise give recognition to those who will give me blogger awards.

Many thanks to Nandita of India for the Circle of Friends Award, please check on these links ~♥

And to the darling of Beanizer from the Philippines, who makes me smile everyday reading his posts on TALKS discussion. Thank you for the Mind Blowing Award. Please feel free to poke him at these links ~

Bloggers, thank you all, for your overwhelming support. There are too many of you if I would type all, your URL’s here. I promise to visit your blogs as my free time permits. To my friends from other Websites, you may visit my blog for more updates, should you miss me.


sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, congrats on your awards, and thanks for following me, I am now following you too.

Love your pics, specially the one of the mall.

Have a lovely day, hope to see you visit often.


beanizer_05 said... i a darling??..maybe that's why they bully me coz im the cutest of them all!!! *ahem!

anywei, u deserve it Ms. JP..
thanks for giving my link:)

it's fine, i am too lazy to post my pending award at the moment assured i'll pass them to you sooner!! hahahha!! another homework for lazy bones!
*licking lollie*
do you have ice cream??
or shake???

JollyPrincess said...

Thanks Colin for the lovely message. Thank you too, for your visit and following my blog. You got great blog my friend. Expect me visiting your blog more often in my free time.

And to the darling blogger Beanizer- You are one of the reasons, why I kept coming back to That is for making me smile as you exchanged discussions with your online GFs (great friends) from India. I do not like lollies but I like ice cream a lot! (lol) Care to take me to Haagen Dazs or Magnolia-Nestle ice cream parlor?

Ryan said...

Hey congratulations on your Blogging awards, keep up the good work.

My blog list. What they are blogging about. ♥