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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bungee Jumping

This girl tried to conquer her acrophobia by engaging in bungee jumping. I admire the girl for her perseverance. She did it twice jumping on a height similar to that of a three storey building. The next time she will do it, I guess. It will be to jump out from an airplane in a parachute.

I wish I have the courage she has. Acrophobia runs in our family. She is my adventurous eleven year old niece. I almost got cross-eyed trying to capture her on my digicam. The camera was almost out of battery. Photo was taken last 29th of May at Enchanted Kingdom Santa Rosa, Laguna Philippines. It was a day of fun from morning to sundown. ~♥


Ryan said...

This would be around my limit, as long as I was attached to the wires and I knew there was a trampoline underneath. As for bungee jumping off cliffs and buildings, count me out.
Your niece has my admiration.

Jill Wellington said...

Ryan, I'm with you...NO WAY could I bungee off of a cliff or tall building...NO! I might be able to do this with the trampline.

Fun picture, Jolly!

Christian/Lyn said...

I am scared of heights Ms. Jolly I guess that will be a lot of scary for me to try.....but if challenged, I won't still....

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