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Friday, June 11, 2010

My May Holiday

The month of May had been an exciting one for me. At work, I got a good rating in my overall performance. My score is not perfect, however I could boast it was an above average performance. Working in a Call Center is not an easy task. Every month our performance is evaluated. We need to get a passing score every month to avoid written warning that could lead to suspension. My colleagues and I could never predict the outcome of our monthly performance. It is either we get the most difficult call from customers with unresolved issues or the opinion of the listeners matter. Despite the odds, hard work and good work attitude paid off.

My youngest brother, his wife and their only child arrived for a short visit 26th of May, from Singapore. It was good to see my eleven years old niece. She had gone bigger compared to last year we had our swimming. On the 28th of May, we went to see our mother who stays with my other brother. Mother was in tears seeing us. It was a surprise for her. After hugging me, my niece and my sister in law, she got up from where she was seated, looked for her baby. My youngest brother was outside the house parking the car. Mother will be eighty-one years old comes 22nd of June.

Mother was in tears again when my eleven year old niece played her violin. The song Ave Maria is the favorite of mother. Let me correct myself by the way. I had been writing my niece as eleven years old. Actually, she will be eleven years old comes 21st of July. My eighteen years old niece, the daughter of my other brother, had gone prettier. She looks like she is only fourteen years old to me. I always see her brother, my only nephew. I did not miss him that much. Picture taking and more stories of various topics followed.

The following day, 29th of May, I was invited by the brother in law of my youngest brother to go with them to Enchanted Kingdom. It was a treat to my niece and her cousins, all boys, from her mommy side. I never had a long walk for such a long time. Thanks for the rubber slippers my sister in law chose for me to wear for the occasion. We had few hours of shopping just before the mall closed, the night before the occasion. In addition to the slippers, I had a new blouse and legging pants. It was fun experience to be walking under the heat of summer sun.

At Enchanted Kingdom the barbecue lunch was the best! Oh, the foot-long hotdog, Gatorade and three scoops of Magnolia ice cream were unforgettable for snacks. I teased my companions I will start my diet the next day. It was my holiday anyway. Watching the kids enjoyed the rides was so much fun. Taking souvenir photos was another thing. My motion sickness would not allow me to ride the roller coaster. I could have been dead had I dared to try.


ravali said...

wow jolly i liked that enchanted kingdom,i love roller coasters u know!!!

Jill Wellington said...

So happy you could get away from your job and enjoy your holiday!! I enjoy reading about it!

Ryan said...

It sounds like your job is very stressful with having an evaluation every month, glad to hear you had some time off to enjoy yourself.

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