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Friday, June 25, 2010

My Precious Companions

I have two companions that are very important to me. My life is not complete in the absence on one of them. The first one is my windows to the world and very instrumental in my blogging. It had provided me with the opportunity to meet people of different cultures and met my best friend online. Yes, my day is not complete without running my fingers through the keyboard of my computer. Who says I am alone when I have the whole World Wide Web? There are times when I am devoid of ideas to write to post in my blog. My online friends kept me company, through the different communities I joined. It is nice to smile and laugh to some blog post, after work. Becomes emotional at times, but most importantly, be inspired from motivational writers.

One thing good about bloggers is you have something in common to discuss. We may have different interest in showing to the world our thoughts and ideas. However, we have common interest to create, write and post articles of our own likings. Thanks to the non-stop imaginations of the chosen ones who dedicated much of their work in the language of computers.  I met several bloggers who are web genius. I tried to comments on their blogs, yet the computer jargon is beyond comprehension of my busy brains. I am by the way using a deskstop computer. You probably would say laptop is better. Who cares? This is all what I can afford for now.

Other than my computer my cell phone is another companion I am unable to set aside. Not only because of the sentimental value in it, being a gift from my brother. My cell phone is a very useful tool for  communications. Communications are made easy through text messaging, voice call or even online. I get free internet access whenever Wi-Fi is available in some places like shopping malls. I had configured my cell phone to receive messages from my yahoo messenger when I am not in my computer. In this way my family can easily get hold of me.

I do not have to worry about my monthly credits to my cell phone. Our office gives us enough credits for my monthly phone bills. Plus, I can use the benefit of business loop. My office mates and I can enjoy calling each other without getting charge for the calls. One thing more, we can send SMS to anyone outside the loop without getting charge regardless of the number of characters we send. Provided the SIM used by the one we are sending the message to, carries the same provider we have. The last but not the least, my cell phone saves me from being late for work. The alarm clock could surely make me get on my feet when it goes off.

Call it a little luxury to some, however to me my computer and cell phone, are necessities.


Nur said...

We have been fortunate nowadays that we can conveniently communicate more freely because of the web. Ms. J.P I had a story. There was son who wants to test the wit of his dad and asked, "Dad, what if Jose Rizal has a cellphone and a computer those days, perhaps he would have spread his books far and wide for millions of people to read before being executed". The Dad really lol after this one. So he told his son, "Perhaps son, you know son, if that were so, you will never be Filipino". The son replied, "I want to be Japanese, I love robots!"

Kimmy said...

I concur completely about your computer being a vital part of your day.
I love pushing the button and watching the surrounding area turn blue, for I know it will not be long before I am answering email and comments to my blog.
You are a witty person and very intelligent, I am sure you could comment on your friend's blogs with ease! :-)
Hope you're having a lovely Friday, cheers!

beanizer_05 said...

this is the best purpose of technology..makes us comfy, updated and really happy:)

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