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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Team Building Twenty Ten

Its nice to cool off the summer heat. Water is perfect!

The team building was planned I guess several months back after we won the prize for good attendance. Some of my team mates got excited about the venue we are to go, when we received the cash award. The plan however was put on hold several times. Our differences in work schedules made it difficult for us. One of our team mates had sore eyes. Our team captain followed was also on sick leave for a week.  
We are happy we finally made it last 19th of June. We arrived at the place at around 6pm, a resort in Quezon City, Philippines. It was a night of fun! The food was great! The water at the pool was lukewarm.  To those who have the talent in singing, they enjoyed the karaoke with gusto. We work at night and sleep in the morning. The meeting time was at 4pm. Some of my team mates deprived themselves of sleep, yet were still in high spirit. We left the place in the morning the following day. Just in time for our married team mates to be with their families on Fathers’ Day. 

Our special thanks to our team mate Tel who busied herself and her whole family for the success of the occasion. Hush! I posted the above photo without permission from my team mates, okay? I guess they will not mind at all. Our relatives will not recognize us, anyway. Our faces were distorted. This was supposed to be wacky pose. 
That is me in black swimwear. Still with poise not wacky at all.


Ryan said...

It's OK, I won't tell anyone you posted your friends up in your Blog. Looked like a great team building night out.

Jill Wellington said...

Looks like your team was having a great time, Jolly! And, YOU look great in your black swimsuit! I love summer

ravali said...

wow jolly in swim wear...hmpf...but i could hardly see!!!!!

Nur said...

Nice there ah. Where was this one Ms. J.P?

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