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Monday, June 07, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom

An amusement park located in Santa Rosa City Philippines around 29 kilometers from Manila. Enchanted Kingdom was opened July 28, 1995. Its land area is around 17 hectares. This amusement park operates year rounds. A truly amusing place for the youngsters to enjoy the rides, the older folks could probably settle for picture taking. Here are some of the rides and activities you can enjoy.

Get ready to shout at the top of your lungs as you are tossed to the next loop. Yup! It’s the Roller Coaster.
Hold on to the side of your log boat as you slide through the height similar to that of a second floor of a building. This is the Jungle Log Jam.

Want to get dizzy? Try this ride. Flying Trapeze.


Do not fret when you go hungry the place is provided with amusing food. I thought of sharing with you folks my snacks, a foot-long hotdog and Gatorade.

So, ready to pack your bag? Go! Go! Go! Have a great day of fun! These amusing photos were taken last 29th of May 2010.


beanizer_05 said...

i will go there i will go there!! *packing diapies*
How much is the entrance fee now Ms. JP?? your budget enough for me?? want me to enjoy right? so treat me!! i'm scared of that big wizard with stars and he still there?? me footlong too and blue gatorade, i'll fill my feeding bottle so i won't get it okay if i wear batman during the day?..hope my fans will not hunt me there..
*packing more lollies and chocos*

Christian/Lyn said...

hello ms.JP and hello Beanizer.....hahaha so your here I am one of your fans Beany....

I want to ride the Jungle Log Jam it would be nice splash splash......but I won't even try riding that roller coaster I may regret going to Enchanted if I'll ride those.....scary....I feel like being thrown to Never Land with Peter Pan....

Daffody said...

Is this Enchanted Kingdom in Manila? WOW* I've heard of it too. . . But never been there yet~ These are nice Pics! >_<

+ I came to thank for your comment on my page! I am delightful to come here sometime~~ ^^*

Janz said...

Hi JPrincess...

sad to say, I haven't been to Enchanted Kingdom, ever! but it sure looks fun! I like seeing rollercoasters, but I'm not a fan of riding them. I'm very scared of heights and worst, the thrilling rides! Yikes!!!

sudhi said...

wow!!! this place looks great.. i never been to a enchanted kingdom..:(

Jill Wellington said...

Do NOT let Beanie ride that loopy roller coaster after eating that big hot dog and the gatorade!

Did YOU ride it, Jolly?? Looks like a fun place.

I spent several summers as a teen working in an amusement park like this. Many fun memories.

mattscradle said...

The place is OK, By the way I'm afraid to ride the space shuttle.
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