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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Care for a Cup of Coffee?

Hello World Wide Web! Good morning everyone! Never mind what time you are reading my blog. I want to great you all, good morning. Morning is the start of a brand new day, a new beginning, a brand new hope. What a wonderful world, isn’t it? 
Coffee is great when shared with friends.

The past week was just fine. Thank you my friends for making me smile with your blog posts. I am grateful too, my friend is safe from his mission and now back at his office. His silence for almost two weeks made me nervous however I can not do anything. He loves his job. It is a profession for him and I respect that. I can only pray for his safety. He is a professional soldier assigned by his country in Afghanistan.

I had a bad allergic attack for three days this the past week coupled with slight fever. No worries folks, both were taken care of. I have a pretty good immune system. I did not take medicines yet when I started to feel pain in my throat whenever I would shallow. You could call me stubborn and I agree. I thought gurgling with lukewarm water with salt would cure my painful throat. However, when the dry cough started, I accepted the fact I could not stop my allergy anymore. 

My antihistamine cough medicines did help, plus the non drowse cold medicines. I am grateful to whoever invented these medicines. If you have allergic cough like me, you would know the discomfort for coughing non-stop. It is dry and painful cough. Nope, I did not stay in bed but went to work. I got lucky I did not lose my voice. I just had to press the mute button of my Avaya phone every time I would cough with a customer on the other line. Whoever uses my headset when I am not in my work station should have a good immune system, too. 

I slept too long Saturday morning. I thought of babying myself once in a while. I woke up feeling refreshed. No more fever, the cough had lessened. If you by any chance read about the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines, no worries, the place is too far away from Manila. It happened in Cotabato City the southern part of Mindanao. Mindanao is the Philippines second largest island. According to the news, there was no casualty.


ravali said...

well iam glad that your friend is fine!!!
good morning to you too!!

Luke said...

Hi Princess, sorry you have been ill and its been a shaky week in the Philippines with the earthquakes. My brother has just returned to Afghanistan for his second tour, always a worry but I know he will be safe.
Get well and keep the coffee levels up that always helps. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@ Ravali- It is nice to see you again my dear. So, are you still willing to marry a soldier? :)

@ Luke - I am alright now my friend. I will include your brother in my prayers, too. I am glad he was on vacation to visit his wife and kids.

NENSA MOON said...

Hi JP,
so you're a stubborn... haha..I like it!!
I'm glad to hear you got well after the fever attack..
Hope you will find your next morning coffee with more healthy and fresh...


Jill Wellington said...

I hope you're feeling better now, Jolly and enjoying that cup of coffee! DARN allergies! I am suffering from them right now, too!

Ryan said...

You are very chirpy today. Glad you are feeling a bit better now, I had a cousin serving in Afghanistan with the Royal Scots, he's home now and recovering from shrapnel wounds from a roadside bomb. He's a medic and he was trying to save another soldiers life when the second device blew up, thanks a lot cowardly taliban scum.

Sorry but I had to get that off my chest.

beanizer_05 said...

so mommy..your friend is brave like me too?? *showing baby muscles*..

mommy are you alright?? don't worry mommy, i'll hug you so allergies won't see you, i'll cover you..*hugging mommy tight*..hide mommy!!..

ahmm..mommy! *whispering* can i have few drops of coffee?? *reaching baby bottle*..ate sie is not here to whip me..pls?? just few drops?? *puppy eyes*

Jolly Princess said...

Yes, Baby Batman he is the bravest guy I had known and very dedicated to his duties. I wish I could hug him tight right at this very moment to let him know he is my hero. ~♥

Sure, I will give you a strong coffee. I have migraine like you and strong coffee is relief for migraine sufferers. However do not get addicted to it or you get hyper active, okies? :)

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