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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Great Day

Good morning World Wide Web!

I hope the beginning of your week had been great. As for me Monday, the 5th is the beginning of July. I hope my American friends or should say my friends in the U.S. had already recovered from your hang over due to the celebration of the 4th of July. I had not greeted you folks in my blog. I kind of became busy last weekend to post a greeting. Anyhow, I hope the holiday was great. I have this coffee over here in case you needed to perk up your day.
The month of June had been busy as well. The good thing is I was granted few days off. It enabled me to work on my long time plan of my general cleaning at home. I am planning to file more vacation leave within July. I just want to make use of the remaining unused vacation leave for 2009. We were advised by our HR, unused vacation leaves will forfeited  by August or September. It was different before. We could accumulate the vacation leave longer, before it gets forfeited. 
Thank you my blogger friends for continuously and consistently visiting my blog. Much more than thank you for leaving me a comment. Your comment enables me to determine who should I convey my thanks. To some whose blog I visited and leave comments. Please do not be compelled to return the favor back. It is your freewill. I enjoyed reading your blogs. I feel great to be part of this online activity. Nothing much today, this is just to wish everyone-  
Happy blogging folks!
 Have a great day! 


beanizer_05 said...

can i have the coffee mommy? ..hmmmm..can you please put some ice on it??..

sudhi said...

Ms.jolly ur blog z soo nice tht i always cme to read !!!

well enjoy july nd hav a nice cup of coffee every day!!!!

btw beany z ur kid??

ravali said...

well i can't ignore ur blog because you write short and sweet posts.keep posting!!!!

Jill Wellington said...

Fourth of July WAS fun here in America...thanks for writing about it, Jolly!

That pink cup of coffee looks yummy!

Ryan said...

I love reading interesting blogs and different opinions, but the main reason I visit you JP is for your free coffee!!!

Bendz said...

Nice blog. It's my first visit. Your blog is nicely designed with smiling roses. If you've got time, visit mine auto insurance, blog about insurance information. Cool design and Keep blogging.

Arindam said...

so... hows your vacation?... enjoyed?...cleaned your house completely?
I don't take coffee nowadays... i am advised not to take tea/coffee actually... missing your coffee... is there anything else for me? (lol)
btw, thank you so much for reading my rubbish blogs regularly.

JollyPrincess said...

@ beanizer_05 - No Baby Batman, coffee is not good for you. I rather give you milk, Ovaltine, Milo, or Sustagen. :)

@ sudhi - Thanks I am happy my blog keeps you company. Have you thought of running as a candidate for Miss India?

@ ravali - I love the smiling face of your favorite actress. Your real photo is just as good as hers.

@ Jill Wellington - I love your new post about Michigan. What a lovely family you have too.

@ Ryan - I dropped by at your blog and brought you a cup of coffee. Have you received it? Oh, no please do not tell me the seagull got it to go with the Doritos chips?

@ Bendz - Hello friend. Welcome to my blog. I hope to see you again. I visited your blog too.

@ Arindam - Oh, no I did not clean the whole house completely it would take weeks to do it. It just my room I did some cleaning. I might just give you milk, Sustagen, or pineapple juice the. No, way! Your blog is not rubbish, it is what I call bullish blog.

Jill Wellington said...

You are indeed the JOLLY PRINCESS!!! I love your new blog template. My favorite color is PINK!! Always has been. Most of my clothes are black, white or hot pink. Brunettes look best in the bold colors. You would look awesome in RED!

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