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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I came home at around eight in the morning Tuesday after work. We have new work schedule every week. You get lucky if you get the most convenient work schedule for you.  I have the earliest work schedule this week same with my team mates. There are advantages and disadvantages with the earlier work shift. The advantages, I do not have to bring my umbrella or my sun block lotion to protect me from scorching sunlight. It is cooler when I come home. To name few disadvantages- having to fight traffic jams on my way to work. It is rush hour for those who wanted to be home from their work. Shopping malls are still closed. I just got lucky the place  I lived at has nearby Mini Stop and Seven Eleven.  These stores are open twenty four hours. There is also  a grocery store that opens as early as eight in the morning. In case I need something. They are the most convenient places to go.

This rose  is for my sister. Today is her birthday!
Housing in Manila is another big expense that you may not be happy setting aside your monthly pay. If you want to stay close to your place of work you have no choice but to pay for higher rent. I live in a big house run by Catholic nuns that suits me just fine. I get to see them all the time because we have same work area like living room and kitchen. My land ladies are of different nationalities, but most of them are Spanish. Oh, they were so happy winning the World Cup. There are at least seven of them assigned in Manila and most are assigned in Mindanao for their mission. Most of them are on vacations since early this year and went back to their respective countries. There are three of them in Manila right now. Normally when I get home, Miss India, as I teased her, would be busy preparing lunch. She goes to school in the afternoon. She has to take her lunch ahead of her colleagues.

For several months our house had been silent unlike when the other four ladies were here. At dinner time after their prayers I would normally hear them, telling stories and laughing by themselves. They never ran out of stories to tell. They are just happy and contented with their lifestyle. They are provided with housing and all they needed by their congregation but they do not have monies of their own. Miss India told me she has a sister who is also a nun, assigned in Rome studying. Later her sister will be assigned in Africa for missionary work. Such a simple life, yet they are happy and contented for what they got. No readers, I have no plan of being one of them. I have a different vocation. I just want to share a simple contented lifestyle. On the other side of the coin, I wonder why there are some people who fight for monies and fame. However at the end, they are still losers.


Ryan said...

Thank goodness, for a minute there JP I thought you were running away to become a nun. I would have missed your blog posts. They do have such a fantastic outlook on life, admittedly made all the easier if your team wins the world cup. Have a productive week at work.

ravali said...

hmmm...nice post!!!

Jolly Princess said...

@ Ryan- (lol) Please do not fret my friend. A nun does not wear tight jeans and shorts. I would be a disgrace to their vocation. :)

@ Ravali- Thanks Ravs!:)

NENSA MOON said...

Ooo... so you lived in the nuns area.. Mmm...I wonder whether you'll become one of them one day,,,??!! haha..
but you must have a great experience to live with nuns around..
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful story, friend!!

take care

vijaya said...

jolly that's the reason i like your blog because you write your blog in a good expressive way!!

Tulip Page said...

Yes i agree with u...instead of fretting over things that we dont have we shud rather be contentwith wat we have...i guess it will bring the real happiness in life

Jolly Princess said...

@ Nensa- Nope, I do not want to a member of their congregation. I do not have the calling. It is much nicer to be outside the convent. :) Besides I am a Protestant not a Catholic.

Jolly Princess said...

@ Vijaya - I am happy you liked the way I write. I write my posts straight from the heart. Thanks for the blog visit and your comment :)

@ Tulip - Right my friend. Living in peace is a blessing. Having inner peace is happiness. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate it. :)

beanizer_05 said...

yeah..*licking lollie*..
why are those people so greedy with power and fame..i am very contented with my chupa chups..yum yum

Mommy..have enough sleep ok??..
and those nuns..would they scold me when i got no diapy??..can you tour me around your big house??..

Jill Wellington said...

Yes, Beanie...the nuns would also pull out a ruler and use it where you got no diapy. I went to Catholic first grade and I know about that ruler!!!

Interesting post, as usual, Jolly. I like hearing about customs and lifestyles!

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