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Sunday, July 04, 2010

An Open Letter

His Excellency
Benigno Semion C. Aquino 111
President - Republic of the Philippines

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations for winning the May 10, 2010 election. My hear tfelt thanks and congratulations to our Commission on Elections.  To the Filipino people for the success of the first ever automated election. The long time dream of the majority of the Filipinos to be at par with other more progressive countries allbeit, was fulfilled. My apology for this informal letter, however I guess you would allow me such an informality to communicate with you.

I know there are other pressing agenda you are to sort out. You may not even have time to go online and read my post. Yet, I just wanted to communicate with you. In the best way possible I could, through my blog. The sentiments I would like to raise here and what prompted me to write this informal letter is about the growing demand for our Filipinos to work in Call Centers. So be it, Call Centers in the Philippines, nationwide.

I had work for the industry for several years now. I had observed the talents of every Filipino in written and oral English communications and more so with technologies. My only concern Mr. President is the lack of solid policies within these Call Centers operators in our country. Thus, I would say working in a Call Center is not secure. Call Center employees do not have security of tenures. Operators can always sever the employment of a Call Center agent with no solid grounds, anytime they wanted.

I salute whoever is the proponent of this globalization. Philippines had generated revenues from foreign investors through the Call Center industry. However, we feel the compensation is not commensurate to our best effort. Our request is for someone to study the industry. May it be a private sector, or branch of Philippine government that is well versed with the industry.

We, Call Center agents believed apart from the Securities and Exchange Commission there should be someone who should oversee these Call Centers operators. There should be a contract or minimum number of years they should be allowed to operate in the country.  Hence if they do not quality they should not be allowed to do business as Call Center. This would allow security of tenures for the Call Center employees and lessen the so called abuse of some Call Center operators.

Thank you for reading and giving attention to this open letter.

Very truly yours,
Jolly Princess


sudhi said...

i hope ur Philippines president reads this Ms.jolly.....

u really wrote all the problems of call center employees .... lolzzz...

Ryan said...

Let's hope your new government takes heed of your words, every worker should be treated with respect.

ravali said...

really you wrote that letter, a presy!!!
i hope he reads this!!!

Jill Wellington said...

Excellent letter, Jolly. It will be interesting to see what your new leader does for your country!

JollyPrincess said...

Thanks friends for the good wishes. I hope my friends who had worked with Call Center for years, would find the so called justice from their sudden severance from work.

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