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Friday, July 02, 2010

Events in June Twenty Ten

I am posting in here some most important events that happened in the month of June 2010. I chose some of the most unique, and their relevance in my life. 

1st – I was chosen as featured blogger in one of the Websites or communities I joined in. It was actually 31st of May at the Website time. In Manila Philippines it was 1st of June. I was elated with all the congratulatory greetings I received from friends. It is nice to be a celebrity for at least a week. Thank you!

19th -Team building at the office, we came up with simple one day or should I say one night event of fun. It was postponed several times. On our way to the venue there was thunder and heavy rain. The traffic jam delayed us for at least an hour. Nothing stopped us to have some fun! 

20th – Fathers Day. I have not visited my father yet, where he was laid to rest. However, in my heart he is well remembered.

22nd – The 81st birthday of my mother, we advanced the celebration last week of May.  It was just a simple one. However, we know we made her happy. Another family reunion coming up comes Christmas of 2010.

25th – I received an award at the office. It was a simple Starbucks tumbler and gift certificate also from Starbucks. Hopefully the next time I get an award. The office will give free gift certificate from my favorite shopping mall. I am not really picky. I just needed a new swimsuit and new swim goggle.

28th - I was back to work after four days vacation leave. I spent the days cleaning at home.  I was glad to rid my drawers with old clothes, old files not worth keeping anymore, and some old gadgets. 

30th - Our 15th President of the Republic of the Philippine was sworn to office. The newly proclaimed President is a landslide winner in first Philippine automated election last 10th of May 2010. President Benigno Aquino 111 looked so dignified, wearing his Barong Tagalog outfit. Noynoy as fondly called by family members, friends, and now to the million Filipinos. We hope you kept your promise. Congratulations Mr. President!

Wonder why I have lots of memorable events after the middle of the month? Nope, I have not left out anything. Please do not ask. My guess is.  It is only by coincidence the special events took place after the middle of the month onwards. Some friends celebrated their birthdays in June. I had greeted them in my blog in my earlier posts. I received virtual hugs and kisses. 

What is there to get excited about in the moth of July?
Que sera..sera.. Whatever it will be? Be happy, why worry!


Ryan said...

What a busy month you had. Talking about politics, I'm sure i read somewhere that Manny Pacquiao was running in the elections, how did he do?

Janz said...

Hi Ate JPrincess,
wow! nice post of some of the highlights in your life for the month of June! Way to go! Glad you're happy Ate!!! keep in touch!!! miss you miss you :)

JollyPrincess said...

@ Ryan – It is always nice to see your lovely comment. Thanks again for the visit my thoughtful Scottish friend. :)

@ Janz – Yeah.. I feel great too. I can get an award once in a while despite the odds. (lol) Thanks for the inspiring comments again. See? I had never forgotten to sharpen the saw. :)

JollyPrincess said...

@ Ryan - Manny Paquiao won by landslide in his hometown Saranggani Province in Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines. He is now a Congressman,representing Saranggani. Oh, so you are a fan of our boxing icon? I am :)

Jill Wellington said...

Hi was a jolly-good month of June for you! LOVED you as featured blogger seeing your smiling face on the home page of! So many important things for you and your country that month.

I hope July is filled with wonder, too!

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