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Friday, July 16, 2010

Weather Update

Weather in Manila, Philippines is back to normal warm temperature after typhoon Conson. The sunshine brings a smile to many after the storm.

The city folks were stunned by very strong wind last Tuesday night, 13th of July. The following day however most houses had the electricity service resumed in the early afternoon. The aftermath of the strong typhoon could not be seen much in Manila, compared to those in the nearby provinces.  Badly hit by typhoon was nearby provinces. I felt sorry for those families who lost their loved ones. I pray for their immediate emotional recovery.

I was happy to receive text message to my phone from my American friend from Tennesey. He said he saw in the news about the typhoon. No teasing here folks. The two of us are just friends, okies? Getting defensive? Nope! I just do not want his girl friend to break up with him. By any chance, his real sweetheart reads this post. To my blogger friends from World Wide Web, thank you so much for your concern. You are my treasures. No worries. Your princess was hardly affected by Conson.

Yes, Manila is back to its normal warm weather now. I am glad I have earlier work shift. The schedule helps me to save on sun block lotion. My umbrella though had been a great companion, rain or shine. It is just that, sometimes I get lazy to give it a room inside my shoulder bag.


NENSA MOON said...

Hi JP,
I also hear about the typhon from my Filipino's friend blogger...
I felt so sorry for they who got lost of their family or loved...
Now I'm glad that everything has been going back to normal...and even the sunshine could bring a smile.

Just enjoy your friend!! XX

Jolly Princess said...

Thanks for the blog visit Nensa. Thanks for the good wishes too. :)

Ryan said...

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in this tragedy, thank goodness you are safe.

Jolly Princess said...

Our world is full of challenges. Whatever happens, our loved ones help us feel good about ourselves. The aura is radiated with our relationship with families, friends and even our environment. We feel we can always win the battle of life challenges when we are inspired by people we loved. When one is gone for whatever reason, we are emotionally devastated. It takes a while to move on. Thanks Ryan, appreciate your concern.

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