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Monday, August 16, 2010

Blog Update

I became too busy over the weekend. What made your Jolly Princess busy? I would like to make a formal announcement I made some revisions again in my blog. For those who had been tediously following my blog. I hope in some ways I could make you smile reading my post to commensurate the effort. And hopefully my humble blog would be remembered across the World Wide Web. For the new revision, I added a language translation and widgets for ads. I noticed some of my visitors are from non English speaking countries. Thanks to some blogger friends for the idea of language translation. I apologize for being a copycat, once in a while.

The language translation may not be the exact words in your language. But I guess the essence of my blog will be there. I was laughing when I clicked the translation for the Filipino language. Some of the words are colloquial, they are so funny. Oh, you must have noticed I removed the LinkWithin widget. It did not look good in my blog. I had to take the widget off. Should you want to rock your brain with my previous posts, you may simply click Older Posts at the bottom portion of my blog. Or another way is to go to my Blog Archive.

The idea of adding ads to my site is just another innovation I thought of trying it. I had to subscribe to AdBrite because I was banned by Google AdSense. It was a long story. I had some friends who used to borrow my computer. I showed them my blog. Alas! They thought they could help me earn by clicking my ads using the same computer I used to set up my AdSense. So, you know what happened next. I know AdBrite will still approve my site. I thought there is no harm putting those widgets. I might as well be of help to some bloggers and blog visitors. Who knows?

I had some blog hopping and I noticed most of my blogger friends had updated their design into a more comment friendly template. When I visit a blog I would normally leave a comment and follow the blog. The exception is those blogs insinuating promiscuity. My parents are strict you know. I do not exactly understand why some sites sell those ideas. We could cross the bridge when we get there, after all. I guess this is all for now folks. I will keep you posted for any catastrophic change. Jazzzzzz kidding! Have a lovely blogging days full of smiles! Remember, smiles are for free!


Out on the prairie said...

Nice post, it is fun to try out new things. I have never went with the ads, it seems to clutter sometimes and not be read by me.I was at a meeting the other day and many asked why I hadn't went with facebook. I recommended they look at my blog because I feel it is showing more thoughts and ideas.I always enjoy hearing from around the world, you have a great attitude.

Quirky Jessi said...

I'm with the post above. It's fun to try out new things! If you don't like them, it's not hard to remove them or tweak them later.

On that note, it's a little hard to read the yellow writing in your header where it overlays the rose picture. Well, actually, it's not so bad on the rose itself, but when it's on the white sheet music, it's almost impossible to read without highlighting. You might want to consider adjusting it so the text doesn't start until a little further over so people don't struggle with it.

Jolly Princess said...

@Out on the prairie- Right, I would go with your blog rather the FB. Thanks again for continuously patronizing my blog. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@ Quirky Jessi - Hi there! Welcome aboard. Thanks for the blog visit and comment. I tried editing my blog header but I can not do any better than just changing the font color. I cannot change the font size. Maybe I will change the rose by the time I will have time to look for a replacement. :)

Jean said...

As you know I use a few ads on my blog. Don't see a thing wrong with us hard working bloggers earning a little pocket money.
Facebook has brought me quite a few visits. I only share my blog posts with my friends. So...I am happy with Networking Blogs.
Gee...I hope you haven't found any promiscuity stuff on my blog. Yikes!

Cheqna said...

Hi JP,

I love the happy feeling of this post..i, too have been busy to update my "Once in a while" blog..hehe..

so which ads needed the clicking??

anyway, have a good week ahead, n tqvm for ur Ramadan wish in one of my blogs.


beanizer_05 said...

Mommy can you pimp my blog too??..hehehe..*munching chocos*

Jolly Princess said...

@ beanizer_05 Baby Batman is getting naughty. Want me to pinch your nose? Go get your nanny so she can help you look for your missing diapy. :)

sudhi said...

hi there Ms.jolly ur updates r cool!!!!

especially this shoutMix Chat !!! cheers!!!!

Ryan said...

There are so many different Ads and widgets to choose from out there, I'm always trying new ideas. The most important area of your blog is your posts and you're continuing to do a great job.

Keep up the good work...and keeping making that delicious coffee!!

Jill Wellington said...

Were you talking about ME when you mentioned animals and flowers?? I was laughing out loud...then I laughed more when I saw pics of those giant animals! What fun..bush animals!!!

Have you earned any money from the ads, Jolly? I don't get enough visitors to earn money. I hope some day I might.

Jolly Princess said...

@Jean - I like the ads in your blog. They are very useful to me.

@Cheqna - Thanks, appreciate your visit. Hope to see you again.

@Sudhi - Welcome back Sudhi. I am glad you like all the updates I made. They are product of my non stop imagination. (lol)

Jolly Princess said...

@Ryan - I promise to prepare a coffee for you as long as you bake me a loaf of black bun. (lol) Kidding aside thanks for the untiring support my friend. :)

@Jill - Right, you are one of them. Actually there are lots of our blogger friends who love animals and plants. I thought of contributing my share of animal photos. (lol) I have not earned yet, maybe in a distant future. I just want to try it now. :)

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