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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Events for the Day

As mentioned in my previous post I had another vacation for four days since Tuesday this week. We are not allowed to go on leave on Mondays. This is due to heavy call volumes being the first day of the week. My vacation leave started Tuesday. I still have I guess three more days for 2009. I filed another set of vacation leave comes first week of September. I lost counts actually of my remaining vacation leave. It was our team captain at work who advised me to use all the vacation leave. Accordingly, if we do not use the vacation leave for 2009 all unused, will be forfeited by end of September. Our vacation leave is not convertible to cash. It is only our sick leave the office converts to cash, given to us February of the following year.

What did I do for four days? Two days I spent the days doing nothing. Just eat, sleep, log online and watch television. The next two days are for my household chores. I had planned to go to the mall. Later in the day, I made up my mind not to. It is too early to scout for Christmas presents for my family. I guess this September would be fine. I am limiting my budget for Christmas presents. Due to possible expenses we may incur at our family reunion. We are having the reunion for our mother. She is not sick. When she turned eighty-one years old last 22nd of June, she had been lazy to move around. She would rather sit and watch her favorite soap on television. Although mother stays with my other brother. I am glad we were able to look for someone who takes care of her, who has patience for an old lady.

With much appreciation to the highest level, please accept my word of thanks my friends and bloggers for your continued support. Your heartwarming comments and messages are very enlightening. By any chance you are trying to check on my blog and you come across with the full page ad. If you do not want to look at it, please wait for the SKIP THIS AD button to load. This button is located at the upper right hand corner of the page. Please know that I have no control of the ads to be run by AdBrite. I can only chose or approve the kind of ad. The timing as to when the ad will show, AdBrite has the full control.

Okay folks need to rinse my bed sheet now. I do manual washing. I do not have washing machine. To have a laundry service takes care of my bed sheet is easy. But I want to have some form of dumbbell exercise. Right, the bed sheet is the red one on the above photo. Afterwards, I will go to water refilling station to have my four liter bottle refilled with distilled water. Health is wealth. I set aside a budget for a safe drinking water. It is only a walking distance from where I live. The water station will not deliver for this size. I need more exercise anyway. 


Janz said...

Thank you Ate for your never ending support too! I am glad you are using your vacation days. And yes, still a little early to go Christmas shopping. We usually do our Christmas shopping in November. I miss Christmas in the Philippines! You know when I was there last year, I tried doing the manual washing of my clothes because we don't do it here and I wanted to try it. My back hurt from sitting too long and have my back arched while I make "kusot kusot" hahaha! but it was fun! It was hot too so I enjoyed the water pretty much!

Jolly Princess said...

@Janz-Hahaha! I do not make kusot-kusot (rubbing fabric with both hands) actually. I just put my bed sheet in a big bucket with powdered soap and water leave if there for a while. Come back, pressed the sheet and turn it over. I do the same with my towels and clothes. I use soft brush if needed. My work clothes are light cotton blouses, some are t-shirt blouses paired with slack or a legging pant (tight pants used for gym or running). Legging pants are in fashion here, to my advantage, no ironing is needed. I wear shawl or jacket on top of my blouse. It is very cold at work due to full blast aircon for the computers we are using, so zero perspiration. I seldom use my maong pants. Laundry service is just for my bed sheet, towels and maong pants, never my other clothes. The 3rd floor of the house where we hung clothes to dry has only a roof, no walls. That is where I do my laundry. :)


Wow! I wonder percentage of people in the USA don't have a washing machine?
My wife says she remembers visiting her dad's home town in Mexico and having to help wash cloths on a rock in a pond. good post, ~Ron

sudhi said...

yaa Ms.jolly weekends r always kool!!! Christmas shopping sounds kool bt i never had one!!!

ur perfect no need of exercise!!!

tc... keep smiling!!!!

Jean said...

I have a little washing machine called Wonder Washer. It is a bucket that sits on a motorized base. It is made for campers and other small living areas and works well for the small items.
Your mother sounds much like mine. I don't know what she would do without her TV shows and remote.:)
I really enjoy learning about your life and how you live!

Cheqna said...


your vacation days are almost over, hope you have had a good break..

I wonder why people need to be reminded to take their leave...I'm always in need of longer annual leave!..b'cos of my long leave whenever I visit my mum 450kms away, 30 days A.L seems very short!..haha...

talking abt mums, hope yours is well...take care of her while she is still around.

anyway, have a good sunday!


Laura said...

Thinking about Christmas already? :) I love Christmas; it's my favourite holiday. But I always freak out when I don't know what presents to buy. Luckily Christmas is not all about presents :)

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, I think it is a good thing to start doing Christmas shopping now, stuff is cheaper, so if you see a bargain, buy it and put it away. Closer to the time it gets more expensive and then you are forced to buy it. We do it and it works like a chime.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my last post, love hearing from you.

Hope your weekend is going well.


Ryan said...

Please please please don't remind me about Christmas, my boys list for Santa is normally a mile long!!!

Talking about blog advertising, have you tried Smowtion, blogads or project wonderful? Just a thought.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Thanks for telling me about the ad, I tried a number of times to get on but when the ad came up I got scared it would put a bug on my computer. Today I finally stuck it out and closed it. Now I know.
Thanks for your support too!

Jolly Princess said...

Thanks everyone for the thoughts. As always, I am delighted to see whats on your mind.

Jill Wellington said...

Jolly, I don't know anyone who doesn't have a washing machine here! That's why we don't have strong arms like you..ha ha!

I love hearing about life in your country. You are very special to share with us!

That ad IS annoying. Is adbright earning you any money yet, Jolly?

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