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Monday, August 09, 2010

Fun at Sports Fest

T. G. I. F.!  Thanks God, it’s Friday! I am not advertising a restaurant here. That is usually the most- friendly phrase to everyone working from Monday to Friday.

After logging out and taking off my headset at 6:30 AM. I went to see my team captain to sign my evaluation for the month of July. He was discussing with our lady Office Manager the upcoming office sports fest. The event was actually held Sunday, the 8th of August. They invited some people as cheerers to boost the morale of the players at our division. Our Call Center has several accounts. The event is kind of intramural sports fest. Our lady boss advised my team captain I am coming, with a wide grin on her youthful face. I could not say no to my boss. She seldom asked me a favor. I kidded if there is going to be a free lunch. She said our team captain will take charge of our lunch. The lunch was a sumptuous siopao from North Park, a Chinese restaurant. Siopao is steamed rice flour with meat and egg filling inside. It goes with a sauce especially made for sipao.

There were four of us from our team who attended the event including our team captain. We were early birds. The event was held at a sports complex not too far away from our office. It was a pity no award for the early twitters. Our office van driver was tasked to bring the cheerers to the place. There was already a volley ball game going on when we arrived. We kind of snubbed the effort of the players being not our athletes. I know you could guess what we did? What else but took our photos from my didgicam and our cell phones. I do not have permission from my officemates to publish their photos so I am posting mine.  
 Oppps! Hold on to that laugh, okies?

I couldn't shape the balloon like a crown. I guess this will do  for now :)
We were advised to wear something with yellow. Your Jolly Princess wore yellow tight jeans. The yellow balloon was an added accentSorry folks. I did not stay very long. I went home early. I could not tell who won. I was just too tired, clapping and shouting on the cheering competition. It had rained upon getting off the van. I did not bring umbrella. I stopped by a café closer to the place I live. My favorite blueberry cheese cake tasted so good with a cup of coffee, of course.


Out on the prairie said...

I was already gigling when i read hold that laugh.Fun picture, a crown for a princess.Thanks for the great comments you have sent my way!

Jean said...

I love your crown.LOL! You were it well. When do you sleep???


You look very good in yellow.


Ryan said...

Good news JP, the Dallas Cowboys have been in contact, they saw your performance and offered you a place on their world famous cheerleading team. You wear a yellow balloon perfectly haha.

Jolly Princess said...

@Out on the prairie and @ Ryan (lol) I had only one balloon. I was thinking it might bust if I twist it more. Some of our officemates brought their children with them. The kids enjoyed twisting their balloons and shaped them like rabbit head, crown etc. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@ Jean – I sleep in the morning or early afternoon and work at night. Philippines time is around 11 to 13 hours ahead of U.S. depending on the state. @ Ron – Thank you my friend. Welcome aboard. :)

NENSA MOON said...

Hahaha...You look completely like a princess, JP.. with yellow crown baloon on your head!!
It's so cool!!
Thanks so much for sharing wth us.
xx nensa

beanizer_05 said...

Mommy!! can i have that yeyow bayoon??..and.. and..why aren't you smiling??..your yed shoes suit you well :)

Jolly Princess said...

@ beanizer_05 Hi Baby Batman.. I was smiling but it is not easy to look at the cameras aimed at me with same smile. (lol) You liked the red shoes? I love it! It is a Skechers shoes from my brother and sis in law. My favorite color is read. My hair clip was also red. I cannot wear rubber shoes, cannot walk properly on flat shoes. I had to wear footwear that has at least 2 inches heel.

Jasir Javaz said...

nice pics buddy.

Jill Wellington said...

You look JUST like a Jolly Princess in those pics...well, maybe not so jolly! Where's your smile????

You are so cute in glowing yellow!

Nice of you to support your boss.

Ren said...

Hello Jolly Princess,

Cute! (in reference to pics). Nice balloon crown.

The sports event sounded like fun; did your team win?

By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog.


Ren ^-^

Jolly Princess said...

Hello Jasir and Ren, welcome to my blog. Appreciate your visit and leaving a comment. :)

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