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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giant Animals

I noticed most of my friends love animals and flowers. I am fascinated by their blogs showing photos and paintings of these beautiful creatures next to humans, of course. I guess no one would challenge me if I type in here I am more beautiful than any flower on earth. Okay, hold that thoughts folks. No violent reaction please… This is my blog remember? Your Jolly Princess is free to give a little credit to her humble self. Okay… Before I get peppered with comments, I would like to let you know I am likewise an admirer of these lovely creatures. I am mesmerized on how they inspired us and to some extent loved us like that of a Knight to his Princess. Let me share to you my friends at the World Wide Web the photos below. I shared these already in my earlier post but for the benefits of my new friends, here they are… Rolling up curtains!
Giant animals at the mall!

Do not fret they will not bite.:)
These photos were taken from one of the shopping malls I visited. Sorry folks I cannot do better than these photos, unless I go to Manila Zoo. I hope you like them.  


Janz said...

These are so cute!!! What Mall is this? Wow! I wished I went to Manila Zoo when I was there last year. The last time I went to the Zoo was when I was about 3 years old and I don't even remember much. I'm glad I had pictures to prove that I went there. LOL

Melanie said...

These lovely creatures are a work of art! What fun!

Thanks for visiting! :)

Jolly Princess said...

@Janz - These photos were taken at Market! Market! mall at Global City in Taguig, Manila Philippines. ♥

@Melanie - Thanks Melanie. Appreciate your blog visit and your comment. ♥

NENSA MOON said...

hehehe... yeah...yeah... you're free my princess to write down whatever you want here.., coz this's your blog...haha..

but truthfully, they all cute, JP!!
really nice artwork!!
thanks for showing us!


Christian and Sie said...

Ms.JP finally I can write a comment now! Nice post!A good idea my father loves to garden and I will definitely tell him this for our garden in our house in Baguio but not this big creatures just little ones like swans maybe!Thank You Ms.JP

Jolly Princess said...

@ Nensa - Thanks for admiring my animal photos. :)

@ Christian and Sie - Thanks C and S. Happy that you guys are able to view the photos and leave a comment as well. Sie, appreciate you for letting me know about the little flaw on my blog post. :)

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