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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Your Choice

I was glad to learn from our team captain last Monday, a day after our office sports fest. Our account emerged as the champion for the volley ball. We did not make it on basketball and cheering. However, the high spirit of camaraderie accordingly was present during the awarding ceremony. I take my hats off for all players who gave their best effort. Life is like that, we win, sometimes lose. The good thing is we are given another chance to win. I hope the sports masters will include swimming relay or bowling next time. If they do, they will probably find me as one of the participants. 

Congrats to the winners!
Our sports masters prefer group game rather than individual event. This is probably to encourage us to get rid of work related tension, through sports instead of going to our smoking area. We have smoking area we call lung center for those who are unable to control the habit of smoking. I am non smoker but it amazes me to learn that most of those puffing cigarettes during break time are my lady officemates. You know that women never run out of ideas and stories to tell. The place as dominated by the ladies is really noisy as they exchange banters with our gentlemen officemates. In a way, I have to be thankful for not developing the habit of smoking. Cigarettes are getting pricey these days. 

Wonder why some are unable to simply get rid of smoking? The presence of nicotine in cigarettes is addictive. Nicotine releases beta-endorphins that make us feel good and calm. Habitual and long term smokers may become immune to nicotine. To attain the calming effect these smokers need more intake of nicotine so the more they crave for cigarettes. On the other hand, aside from not being environment friendly, smokers are destroying their bodies. According to studies, life span of a smoker could be reduced by twenty years. Heart disease, stroke and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are major examples of long term harmful effects of smoking.

I believed in life you are given choices. Take the risk for a short lived pleasure or get rid of that pack you treasure inside your purse or pocket.


Jean said...

Smoking is a bad habit. So...what do you do during your breaks?

Have a great day!

Out on the prairie said...

Great game post.Smoking is banned from public places and most companies offered programs to their workers to quit.Looking at older smokers their skin gets more wrinkles should be an incentive for the younger ones to quit.

Ryan said...

Congrats to your section on winning the volleyball, I take it the team was full of the non smokers?
Over here the legal age to buy ciggies is only 16, a lot of young people start smoking due to peer pressure at a very young age and before they realise, they are addicted.

Jolly Princess said...

@ Jean – During break time. I read updates passed on to us thru our e-mails. Sometimes chat with my officemates over at a cup of coffee at our cafeteria.

@ Out on the prairie - Hopefully our office would offer incentives to non-smokers, too.

@ Ryan - (lol) Good question my friend. You got me there. I do not know really if all of them are non smokers. Perhaps some of them are, but light smokers.

beanizer_05 said...

yey!! Congrats Mommy!! ..if they add Hide & Seek in your sportsfest next time please let me wiggle there,ok??

and yeah..smoking is bad..beany good kid, no smoking :) i don't want to have chimney lungs..Mommy would you like me to get them fire extinguisher? maybe their lungs are on fire 'coz i can see smoke coming out of their noses and mouths..are those magic?? *thinking hard*


I think smoking is banned in almost every public place in California. And I say Amen!

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