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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thank You Jackie Chan

Friends and bloggers, I feel better now after listening to the news almost everyday following 23rd of August incident. I am on vacation leave again by the way. Four days, out of my remaining eight days vacation leave for 2009. My special thanks to Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan for his faith in the Filipino people. Here are except of his message from his Twitter account.

“HK is a nation built by a lot of different people.. don’t worry! We do not hate!” “Humans should be united and not kill or hate each other,”

Those who were involved in the incident are now under investigation and relieved of their duties. The ground commander who should I say had forgotten his common sense is on leave, too. The sentiment of every Filipino is for the responsible ones, be it in the line of uniformed or non- uniformed officials, to face the music. That is if, their lapse of judgement is proven beyond reasonable doubt. I do not have a military training, yet, it is my belief common sense must prevail to preserve innocent lives over rules of engagement.

Friends, I had written I have my childish manners. I laugh and cry easily. Yet, I am strong willed. The trait I acquired living by myself since I was in my late teens.  Do not worry I do not bite without reasons.  I do not go berserk when I get mad. There are times I would remain silent and withdraws when offended so as not to hurt people. I posted in here a real story, not wanting to hide from my online friends the real scenario of what is happening in our country. Generally, Filipinos are peace loving people, courageous, and you could give an above average passing grade when it comes to endurance. We had proven this to the whole world during 1986 People Power Revolution.

Miss Universe 4th Runner Up, Maria Venus Raj arrived at the airport at around four in the morning today 26th of August, time in Philippines. I am happy for her positive attitude. To us Filipinos she is a winner. No major, major, regrets she represented our country to the most prestigious Beauty Pageant. My congratulations to you, my fellow Bicolana!


beanizer_05 said...

i salute Jackie Chan for his open-mindedness.
I was thinking to blog the same thing mommy and here i saw yours.
It is but an isolated incident. It happens any where in the world (just as Chan said).
Filipinos are most loving and caring people. Other nations can attest. We all grieve for the incident. They are all victims. I do wish that love and understanding will prevail over the hearts of the people.

Jean said...

I really like and agree with what Chan wrote!

sudhi said...

Jackie z great !!! really superb!!!

i really envy wat he wrote!!!!

Laura said...

Yeay! I've just seen him in Karate Kid 2010 :) He's a good man and his message is very nice. I don't understand hate. I believe in humanity and I really hope someday people will know better.

Out on the prairie said...

I had a terrible time reading your blog, the ads kept coming up and refused to leave.This was my sixth try. Nice to have ads for money but it takes away from your info offered and offered nothing I would care for.

Jolly Princess said...

@Out on the prairie- Oh, so sorry about the ad, please click on SKIP THIS AD button at the top most right corner to get routed to my blog. Appreciate the effort. Thank you so much! ♥

Ren said...

Hi Jolly Princess,

Jackie Chan's comments are needed at this time--he is such a good man.

Thanks for sharing!

Ren ^-^

delightfullness said...

I am still proud to be a filipino after all...

Ryan said...

This tragedy could have happened anywhere, The Philippines is a strong and beautiful country.

Jackie Chan = Legend

Melanie said...

Yes, it is a tragedy - it can happen anywhere. A similar bus incident occurred here a few years ago.

We are also proud of Ms.Philippines too. My mother hails from Bicol too.

NENSA MOON said...

Hi, JP... this tragedy could happen anywhere in any country...
I believe of what Jacky Chan said.
All Filipinos must have love peace..

Jill Wellington said...

We just had a scary incident today at The Discovery Channel Television network. A deranged man took hostages, but was eventually shot and killed by police.

My friend's daughter worked in that building last summer...very scary to hear about these things! Thanks for keeping us informed about that situation in the Philippines!

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