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Sunday, August 22, 2010

You Are Beautiful

This past Thursday, at break time my office mates had been busy browsing one website we are allowed to open at work. I thought it was some kind of fashion show they had been crazy about. I glanced at the website. It was the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. I was advised our very own Miss Philippines is among the top fifteen semi finalist. Stefania Fernandez, outgoing Miss Universe from Venezuela will crown her successor on the 23rd of August in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Nevada, United States

Maria Venus Raj, is our candidate to this prestigious beauty pageant. She was previously disqualified by the Miss Philippines organizer, Binibining Pilipinas Charities, after winning the crown for Miss Philippines-Universe. Allegedly the disqualifications were due inconsistencies on her birth certificate and her pre pageant interviews. She was born out of wedlock by a Filipina mother fathered by an Indian gentleman, when her mother was working in Middle East country. Her citizenship was questioned being born in Qatar but she lived all her life in Bato Camarines Sur, one of provinces in Bicol Region, Philippines. She was brought to the Philippines as infant and never knew her Indian father. Despite her tender age at twenty-two this talented beauty fought for her rights. Armed with dedicated supporters who hired lawyers to defend her title, the Binibining Pilipinas Charities reversed their decision and allowed Venus to compete for the coveted Miss Universe crown.
Here is more about this young Filipina beauty

Win or lose this young lady will be in the heart of many Filipinos.  She had shown exemplary strength despite the odds. An office mate teasingly asked me why I did not join a beauty pageant. I told him I am under height, for five feet and two inches.


Laura (aka The Girl In Orange) said...

That's a bit silly. As you could choose to be a legitimate child or not. She is beautiful and I hope she will win! One should be judged for what one is not by the mistakes of the parents. We live in the 21th century!

Out on the prairie said...

They didn't ask me to be in it either.Didn't swat that locust, only posed with it for fun.Thanks for the nice input always.

Ryan said...

I'm glad common sense prevailed in the end, why is that the only website you are allowed to browse?

Jolly Princess said...

@Ryan- Our IT at the office disabled the link to other websites. We have one website we are allowed to browse. But I can not post in here the website. It is work related website. I am not allowed to disclose, lest I get a warning from my bosses. :)

Jean said...

She is very beautiful and I admire her courage. are very beautiful and could win a beauty contest. JMHO!

Jill Wellington said...

Maria is gorgeous, but not a princess like our Jolly!

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