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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No More Tears in Heaven

I am on bereavement leave until Thursday this week. Thankful indeed we have this kind of leave. Although this is the kind of leave that nobody wants to avail of. You may call it coincidental. I was granted four days vacation leave. The remaining 2009 vacation leave, last 6th of Sept until 9th of Sept. I used the vacation leave to be with my mother. Then, I was granted five days bereavement leave starting 10th of Sept. My sister and her daughter went back to Bicol province, Saturday, 11th of Sept. My youngest brother and his family also left for Singapore on same day. My sister arrived home by bus around four in the afternoon. The plane to Singapore touched down at around eleven in the evening. My fingers had been busy with SMS through my cell phone after every family members had been home.

My sister in law, the one who took care of my mother did not report for work Tuesday, saying she missed my mother. I said “Forget it. Mother is happy now dancing tango in heaven with our father.“ Yeah, tango is the favorite dance of my father. I busied myself working on the documents for the medical reimbursement of the hospital bills of mother. I am to file a claim through our government health care provider, Philhealth. Tuesday, I went to memorial park to make sure the place had been taken care of. My father got company, now. I had exchanged jokes with the caretaker about my cell phone falling off to the ground. Accordingly, the loud sound startled him and some caretakers of the memorial park. I thanked the caretaker for taking care of my father, even if at times, his allowance from me is delayed. Ahhh! Busy.. busy me.

Much more than thank you, friends and bloggers for your prayers and encouragements. God is so good! I am so blessed for having an extended family. The whole World Wide Web is praying for me and my family. Your prayers had been answered. It had helped me and my siblings in healing us emotionally. We believed our father and mother are now together in their glorified bodies, happily dwelling in the house of many mansions. And most importantly … we know… there is no more pain, no more tears in heaven. God bless everyone! Love you … all!


Jean said...

I'm glad your job allowed you to take some time off. I read your previous post about your cell phone. It seems your parents really do wish to communicate with you.:)
You have been in my prayers and thoughts and it is good to read that you are dealing with your grief in a positive way.
Take care!

Janz said...

I am glad you are on leave Ate.. a time to be with your Mother, with your family and for yourself. God bless you too Ate JP. We love you too!


I've been to more funerals in my lifetime than I care to remember. I'm so glad that God's going to cast Mr. Death into the lake of fire where he will be gone forever!! No more tears Amen!

Jane said...

I am very sorry to hear about your mother. From a stranger, cyber hugs and prayers are coming your way!


Mekinudols said...

Ms. Jolly i came here too late. my apologies. *hugs for you.

Condolences to you and your family. May the Lord bless and lead your mom's soul and welcome her to His kingdom.

-Mekinudols/Sangkutsa (Mee-I Velasco)

Jill Wellington said...

I love when you said, "forget it, mom is dancing tango in heaven."
You have an awesome attitude, Jolly! No wonder you're a princess!

Jolly Princess said...

@THE OLD GEEZER -I am happy for the reassurance. Thank you so much, Ron. :) @Jane - We maybe are strangers for not knowing each other well. Yet, to me my cyber friends are like those friends within my turf. Glad to read your comments, Jane. Thank you for your prayers. ♥@ Meekinodols- Welcome aboard Mee, no apologies, you came just in time. Thanks for the blog visit and comments. ♥

Jolly Princess said...

@ Jean, Janz, Jill - Hugs to you all! Thank you 3Js for your continued support… A gesture of concern I could never repay but so you know. You will be in my prayers as well. ♥

Ryan said...

JP you are so brave and courageous, I'm not sure that I would be able to cope aswell as you are. Your employers should be happy to have such a strong woman working for them.

Laura said...

Love you too, dear. Hugs and all the best in the world. You are a stong and beautiful soul :)

Jolly Princess said...

@Ryan- I have to cope my friend for the sake of my people who cares for me. I do not want to see them suffer if they see me I am not alright. That is me I cry many times. But I know how to wipe off my tears and smile at the wonderful world created for you and me. :)@Laura - Thanks for the virtual hug. I could feel it despite the distance. :)

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