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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Page Error

One of my blogger friends from India advised me she was trying to write a comment on my blog post titled Mall Hopping. However she was unable to see the comment box. I guess some  of you had experienced the same. I am using Mozilla Firefox internet browser and I can view my blog alright. When I was alerted by my blogger friend saying she is unable to post  a comment. I tried browsers Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. It was then I had known the comment portion of my post Mall Hopping and the title of my post Big Breakfast do not appear when I used the browsers other than Mozilla Firefox.

I edited the photos attached to my posts, reduced the pixels even edited the blog posts but to no avail. I received three comments on my Mall Hopping post. I guess these three blogger friends were able to view my blog post alright. I thought it is unusual I received three comments only from my blogger friends. It looks like most of you are unable to view my blog post properly, unless you are using Mozilla Firefox. I took the photo of the missing part of my blog post when I used IE, Chrome and Safari. I really do not know what happened. I hope this error will get fix as soon as possible.

Friends and bloggers, please standby. I will miss your comments if this concern is not fix the soonest time possible. However, the situation is beyond our control. Thank you for your continued support. I apologize for the inconvenience. :(


sudhi said...

Ms.jolly i guess ur error got fixed , im using chrome nd now ur comments part is visible!!!
phew!! finally i got to comment unlike last time!!!

Country Mouse Studio said...

Morning Jolly Princess, I've had no problems with comments usually I have photos I cannot see.

Jolly Princess said...

@Thanks Sudhi, glad to see you again. @Country Mouse Studio, I feel great to have the attention of my Mousey friend. Thanks for the continued support. :)

Moonomo said...

Things are now working fine JP. Happy Blogging. ;)

Jolly Princess said...

@Moonomo- Thanks Moon.. I am happy for your blog visit and comment. Appreciate it much. :)

window of happiness said...

Hello ms. Jolly princess nice to read your blog again. Take care and God bless!

Jolly Princess said...

@window of happiness - Glad to see you again. :)

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