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Monday, November 08, 2010

A Festive Family Gathering

I visited my parents again Sunday the 7th, at the memorial park. I thought of seeing the caretaker of my parents plot for his allowance. The caretaker is on his early fifties who earn his living, taking care of the plots at the memorial park. I did not see him last 25th of Oct, the last time I visited. Being a Sunday and a week after All Souls Day, the memorial park was full of visitors taking time off from household chores to visit their loved ones. Or I guess like me they did not have time to visit last 1ST of Nov. I was at work then.

For some families who have cars either they visit early, prior to All Souls Day celebration to have a good parking slot. Or, visit after the occasion. For a fee, tents are provided by the memorial park with matching chairs and a table. The park was on festive mood that started early Sunday morning. As described to me by my parents caretaker. Since night vigils are no longer allowed by the memorial park after All Saints Day and All Souls day. The visiting family members stayed from early morning to late afternoon.  Packed lunch, water and juices were among those prepared for a day vigil.

Upon arriving at the park, a boy around I guess four years old was crouched with pout lips trying to blow a candle. His older sister was giggling as she tried to stop him. The boy probably thought the candle had to be blown like the candle on his birthday cake. The candles placed on the headstones or anywhere near the departed loved ones have to be left lighted.  Soon as extinguished, they have to be replaced until all the visiting family members decided to go home. Of course, beautiful floral arrangements are likewise laid on same places.

The Philippines is composed of several regions and ethnic groups that may differ, in honoring and showing love to departed loved ones. One thing sure is Filipinos attachment to their families, living or those in the after lives.  


Zezebel said...

Kids.., they always do the unexpected. Lucky nothing bad happened to him.

Shahroll Biz Shop said...

Hi Jolly! =)
Hope you have nice day today..
Philippines composed of several regions, my question:-

1) The best region if I go to Philippines? except Manila city =D

2) How many ethnic (i'm sure that lots right?) in Philippines?

Thanks Jolly.. have a great day!


Jolly Princess said...

@Zezebel - The boy was so cute and fat that his sister had difficulty pulling him away from the candle. (lol)@Shahroll Biz Shop- Hello SH … thanks for the blog visit and leaving a comment. Please try browsing this website for references of places to visit in the Philippines. I do not know the webmaster. I came across his website while surfing the net. Another place to visit is Puerto Princessa Philippines where you will find the under ground river and El Nido Beach. If you love beaches, I would highly recommend Boracay, in Panay Island.

Multibrand said...

Hi Princess,
An interesting post that made your readers imagine what you are doing that day.

vijaya said...

interesting post.

Jill Wellington said...

Jolly, I like when you post about your country's traditions. I am learning so much through blogs from other countries. Very interesting!

Ryan said...

Scotland is a country that shares the Philippines sense of strong family bonding and traditions.

Balqis said...

We feel close to our loved ones when visiting them though in two different worlds.

Jolly Princess said...

@Multibrand- I used to tell my online friends I am busy. This is one of of those that gets my attention. :)@vijaya- Thanks, happy to see you again. :)@Jill Wellington- I am glad I could share some of Filipino costumes and traditions. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@Ryan - We are learning from each other my friend. Thanks for sharing an old yet an important tradition :)@Balqis - Memories are alive in our thoughts. ♥

Ren said...

I wish I can have the same tradition with my family; my father dislikes the rest us to go with him to visit my grandfather and other relatives who passed away.

Each moment of your life that you share with us, I have become fond of reading them (your anecdotes).

Thank you.

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